14 Important Marketing Tools for LinkedIn


Why Marketing Tools for Linkedin?

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the largest professional social network out there. With over 550 million users, LinkedIn has its own hub or community. Unlike other social media communities, LinkedIn is more specialized for business-focused professionals. Due to this, it is easier to generate leads from here and drive traffic and perform content marketing efficiently. That’s why LinkedIn has become the number 1 lead generating platform and you can take the benefit if you know about the marketing tools for LinkedIn.

Due to its entirely different structure, LinkedIn can be very difficult for new marketers to get it right. Luckily, there are some tools that are available to marketers to assist them in their marketing efforts. Below is a compiled list of 14 valuable tools that every marketer should look into–

1. Buy Followers Guide

Buy Followers Guide - Marketing Tools for Linkedin

Purchasing LinkedIn followers is a popular strategy to quickly build a company’s image and boost its social proof. That’s where “Buy Followers Guide” comes in handy. While this method is quite productive but it is not foolproof, which means that you can go wrong with this in many ways. You need to know the best place to buy them; otherwise, your company or brand image might decline instead of rising.

However, this tool does connect you to top follower providers. Many companies have succeeded in this method through this tool. The followers you gain will help you boost your reach and engagement, not to mention the company image as well.

2. Crystal

Crystal is the perfect tool to get to know yourself and the people around you. Crystal is considered as the world’s largest personality evaluation platform. The way it works is when you incorporate this tool with LinkedIn; it analyzes you and your customer’s behavioral and communication pattern. It works on your coworkers too! How it helps your business is that when you have crystal incorporated in your LinkedIn profile, it analyzes your customers LinkedIn profile and predicts their personality, in this way you get a deeper understanding of your customers or clients. You can then plan your business strategy accordingly.


3. Datanyze


Similarly, like our previous tool which was based on personality assessment, Datanyze is based on technology assessment. Datanyze helps you to analyze your prospects LinkedIn accounts on a larger scale and evaluate their choices and preference. Then it allows you to promote and sell your products based on the prospect’s technological preference. Datanyze has said to improve the conversion rate considerably, with faster traffic driving. From a technological perspective, this is one of the best tools out there.

4. Discover.ly


Discover.ly is a chrome extension that can be used to gather more information on a certain individual having a LinkedIn profile. Let’s say you are visiting someone’s profile and you are impressed by their profile and want to know more about him/her. That’s where discover.ly comes in handy; it connects their LinkedIn profile with their other social media platforms and gives you additional information from those platforms. This extended information can help you judge that individual and help you come to a conclusion about where that individual is relevant for your business or not.

5. Dux-Soup


Dux-soup can be utilized whenever you’re not getting enough reach or sell! It is one of the best lead generation and client reach tools out there. Dux-soup is a cool tool for automation that boosts your reach. With just one click, you can visit thousands of client profiles in LinkedIn. Dux-soup has its own database, so you neither have to keep any data or information manually. Furthermore, it sends invites automatically to the people so it takes hours of effort out the equation.

6. e-Link Pro


Like our previous tool, e-link pro has a similar motive. Its main purpose is to generate sales and drive traffic. Every marketing campaign’s end goal is to give exposure and generate sales and that’s why e-link pro has become a necessity for every digital marketer out there. E-link pro helps with profile automation. You’re more likely to earn followers if you visit their profile first. With e-link pro, you can visit more than 800 profiles per day. The conversion rate is pretty good too, above 10% with every automation. 10% is a pretty good conversion if you can drive them to sales.



‘IFTTT’ which stands for “If This, Then That, is one the best tool out there for automation of third-party apps, this tool will help you keep up-to-date with every one of your followers. IFTTT has the ability to send you a notification or an email every time one of your followers or connections updates their profile account. This feature is quite helpful if you are willing to keep a track on a lot of people.Another cool feature of IFTTT is that it allows you to connect LinkedIn with other third-party apps. It means that you can easily share your Facebook or Instagram post through this tool to your network.

8. InBoardpro


InBoardpro is a cloud-based tool that is often used for automation of profiles in LinkedIn. It helps to generate leads too. The key feature of this tool is the multi-tasking option that lets you manage multiple accounts at the same time and even perform multiple actions with multiple accounts simultaneously.

9. Lead-feeder


While most tools work as a B2C assistant, Leadfeeder works as a dedicated B2B helping hand. All your B2B projects in LinkedIn can be overseen through this tool. For example, you can see which company or organization often visit your website. When you connect Leedfeeder with your Google Analytics account, it’ll tell you every time a large company takes a look at your site. This tool is one of the best tools out there in terms of generating sales. You can easily get the client response through this tool.

10. Lead Grabber Pro


Just as the name says, lead grabber pro is a great tool that’ll help you generate a lead from potential prospects. Through this tool, you can find contact details of your prospects in the fastest way possible. You can build a list of targeted professionals and extract their contact details through this tool. It’ll save you a lot of time if you were planning to do it manually.

11. LinkedIn Sales Navigator


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an advanced sales and leads generating tool. This tool can easily detect the specified people and organizations by its advanced navigation software. It likewise makes it simpler for you to follow key leads, and reach and engage with your potential customers.

This LinkedIn tool offers automatic lead recommendation which enables you to find the required individuals quicker. You can also generate leads in a different tab.

12. LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Gmail


Much like our previous tool, this helps you to generate lead and provides valuable insights about the people you’re already communicating with. The only difference is that this is a chrome extension. Moreover, the majority of communication is done with the clients through Gmail.

13. ProTop


Yet another automation tool for profile and account visits. For this tool to work you first need to set criteria for your search, based on that specific criterion this tool will visit 1,000 LinkedIn profiles per day. Everything depends on the input you’re giving, if you provide the correct input, you’ll find your desired results in no time. When these users come to know that you visited them, many of them visit you back out of curiosity. This is the conversion rate that later helps you drive traffic and build connections. More the engagement, more it helps your profile to rank higher as well.

14. Salestools


Salestools is a standout amongst the best LinkedIn tool to locate your next client. It has a refreshed database of more than 300 million prospects to seek from. You can sort your prospects list by their position level. Pick the ones that best fit your present promoting objective, and progress accordingly. There are various social networks with extensive followings and various great features. In any case, none of them give you such successful B2B networking and promoting openings that LinkedIn does.

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