5 Best AI Chatbot Platforms

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In this article, we will cover the best AI Chatbot Platforms that provide the best services to the businesses or entrepreneurs. We have gathered a list of some of the best AI chatbot platforms. Most of them are AI chatbot, since artificial intelligence is considered to be one of the best and most advanced technologies in the current era.

Small and large businesses alike are gradually integrating conversational chatbots into their websites or social media platforms. It is also a form of inbound marketing strategy. If you are also wondering which bot will be perfect for your business, and then look no further!

You will find one which one fits perfectly for you from the list below–


Amplify.ai - ai chatbot platform

It is one of the first generation chatbot that have showed exceptional capabilities of going beyond its limit. Growth marketers tend to rely on this AI chatbot platform for their engagement with prospective clients or customers. Amplify.ai provides some of the most effective conversational flow with the customers. They have even showed to drive performance-driven clients in the e-commerce and digital industries down the funnel, and straight towards digital conversion.

They use Conversational AI to turbocharge conversational ads on Facebook and Google.


ManyChat - AI Chatbot Platform

It is one of those platforms that help you to create Messenger bots for your Facebook page quite easily. The bot helps you with marketing, after sales support and customer service. They offer highly effective engagement and conversational flow with clients or customers. They have a drag-and-drop option that helps you to create your bot in a short amount of time.

What’s unique about this AI chatbot platform is that it provides you with a set of tools that further helps with customer engagement and conversational flow. You can also set it up as timer based replies, it’ll send texts based on specific time based action. ManyChat is one of the best chatbot out there and one every business should look into.


aivo - AI chatbot platform

Aivo provides customer support in real-time through both text and voice. It provides effective engagement and also optimized your resources. Aivo has Agentbot that can adapt itself in any channel or platforms. Aivo provides a real personalized experience for the clients and customers. Aivo’s AgentBot can easily integrate with third-party platforms like Salesforce, Zapper, Live, etc.

Flow XO

Flow XO - AI chatbot platform

One of the very few platforms that don’t require any sort of codding to set up chatbots; It is possible because Flow XO can integrate with many third-party applications. This one has also a drag-and-drop option with an easy-to-use interface. You can create workflows with it and integrate your AI chatbot with any website or platform.

Its Alive

Its Alive - AI chatbot platform

One of the best bot created for Facebook messenger. Its Alive has the ability to engage with multiple people simultaneously in real time. It can optimize your engagement from the Facebook community. It can respond quite efficiently 24×7. It is fully automated but it works better when you give it some keyword to respond to. It has a good conversational flow. It’s also easier to stop the conversation at any moment which can later be carried on by any human user.

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