9 Best Webinar Software Reviews


Every year, I host nearly 50 webinars and live programs on marketing. So, choosing the best webinar software for the programs is a major decision for me.

However, for hosting webinars, I have applied and analyzed different webinar tools that could give me the best results, and I am really thankful for the 9 best webinar softwares that give me a huge amount of engagement and, of course, very positive experiences.

However, there is a red flag!

Not every software runs smoothly. When choosing the best webinar software for your business, you need to focus on some certain signs.

So, let’s take a look at the features, benefits, and drawbacks of those 9 software and see which one will meet your webinar requirements.


everwebinar-best webinar software

The very first tool I can suggest to you is EverWebinar. It is built with so many outstanding features like (Automate webinars, Block night time viewing, Time zone auto-detection, Free training, Webinar analytics, Email integrations etc). I’ve been using this tool since my very first webinar presentations. All I can say is, This tool has the ability to create a lively experience for the users.

Who is EverWebinar for?

Definitely, Everwebinar is good for live presenters like me. This tool helps them to automate screening for their pre-recorded webinars, collect email leads, and get webinar analytics. Now, let’s check is Everwebinar worthy?


It is a powerful automated webinar tool that can schedule and automate your webinar presentation to start at set intervals. You can schedule your webinar timing to both starts and stop at any time you want.

You can send notifications to your audiences to know about your webinar before it begins. The notification could be sent via emails too.

It will give your audience a lively feeling. You can add comments to pop up during live. “Ask a question” option is worthy for creating a good number of engagements after live.

You will get three types of webinars options in Everwebinar- live video, hybrid (pre-recorded video with live chat) and automated video sharing.

EverWebinar is able to integrate itself with email marketing platforms like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, etc. This is a good site to gather email leads.

One plus point is, It has an analytics system. You can measure and analyze your webinar performances.


This is not a mobile-friendly webinar tool. If you decide to go live with mobile then this tool is not for you.

EverWebinar does not work well for ActiveCampaign. You may need to rely on other software to properly integrate them.

EverWebinar Pricing:

30 days Free Trial with money back guarantee.

14 days trial with $1

Monthly Plan: $99 / mo

Annual Plan: $42/ mo


goto-best webinar software

GoToWebinar is considered as the OG of all webinars. It was one of the very first webinar platforms created for live presenters. It is a user-friendly tool. You can join live with its mobile app too.

Who is GoToWebinar for?

GoToWebinar is a proven tool for successful webinars of large organizations. Because it can hold up to 5000 audiences. Let’s get more about why it’s the best one and what’s the drawbacks-


This webinar software allows you to stream qualitiful live webinars as well as provide recordings to attendees after it is completed.

You can also encourage people to sign up for your webinars through this tool.

GoToWebinar features polls and forums options. You can engage with your audiences. You can even also take surveys on your audience based on your presentation.

Furthermore, this amazing webinar tool has an analytics system too. You can analyze the webinar metrics and results.


No doubt, this is a great platform but it has fewer features than other platforms available.

GoToWebinar is expensive. You can afford the basic version but it could hold you only with 100 attendees. Comparatively, it needs more updates as per presenters’ demand. The restrictions and limitations in the package might frustrate you.

However, nevertheless, it has some great features. You can live webinars in real-time and share your screen with your audience.

GoToWebinar pricing: 

7 days free trial.

Lite: $49 / mo

Standard: $ 99/ mo

Pro: $199/ mo

Enterprise: $399 / mo


webinarjam-best webinar software

WebinarJam is quite similar to EverWebinar. It was created by the same team. However, unlike EverWebinar, it does not have any scheduling option.

This webinar tool is considered one of the fastest rated. Within just 1 minute, you can set up your webinar. Its main focus is on screening webinars in real-time. WebinarJam is mainly designed for real-time events, thus there is no need for any scheduling option.

Who is Webinarjam for?

This is mostly used by marketing who organize live and real time events. Webinarjam has many great features of its own like- (Branding pages, streaming, recording, presentation, security, and analysis).

It has numerous advantages-


You can use WebinarJam to stream to any social media platform, like Facebook or YouTube. It also has its own private JamCast broadcaster where you can screen your webinar. 6 presenters togetherly can present the webinar.

With WebinarJam you can record any session of webinar hosting. There is also an option where you can stream a pre-recorded session that will have automatic records to your videos and automatic reply to audience queries.

It has top-notch security and you can easily interact with your audience through this platform. You can even turn your audience to a presenter as well.

This webinar tool also has the basic necessary features like polls, surveys, live interactions, analytics, etc.


Not every time, but participants may face speaking on screen sharing.

WebinarJam Pricing:

Starter: $39 / mo

Basic: $79 /mo

Professional: $229 /mo

Enterprise: $379 /mo


9 Best Webinar Software Reviews 1

The next one is GetResponse. Get Response is originally an email marketing platform but it also provides an amazing tool to host webinars and webcasts. The features are very decent and functional. It basically serves as a 2 in 1 platform for those who are looking for both email marketing and webinar hosting platforms.

Who is Getresponse for?

Digital marketers who need both email marketing, RSS, AB Testing on webinar platforms on a regular basis. Let’s check its pros and cons-


GetResponses can serve as a great webinar marketing tool with basic automation as a plus point.

The features are quite impressive. The most highlighted features it provides are scheduling, youtube integration, security,  recording, analytics and other basic features.

You can create a custom schedule and hold the webinar at that time. You can also integrate it with YouTube and reach more audiences. Basically, Presenters use GetResponses to boost their audience reach on their social channels.

In this webinar platform, CMR feature is available.


The free trial is limited and the pricing structure is quite hard to understand. You may need to go for a premium package and unlock more advanced features to make your live worthy and send messages to more than 1000 audiences.

Get Response Pricing: 

Free: 0 USD up to 500 contacts.

Basic: $ 15.58 / mo

Plus: $ 48.38 / mo

Professional: $ 97.58 / mo


demio-best webinar software

If you ask my choice, I will tell you its Demio. Demio is one of the best webinar platforms that has a really nice interface to work with. It has all the features a webinar needs.

Who is Demio for?

Demio is the best webinar platform for markers who often engage with webinar sessions and online educational platforms. It is for those who want a dedicated webinar tool with automated replays. If you want a steadfast webinar tool for automated replies and put more engagement in the live sessions then consider it.


It is basically the perfect contender to be one of the best webinar tools around. You can automate any of your sessions through the platform.

It is very convenient to use and looks very slick and elegant. You can reach a wider audience and persuade them to sign up for your webinar session through this webinar platform.

It also has the private chat option where you can receive private messages from the audience rather than getting it from a forum or public comment section. It makes the interaction very easy and convenient.


Presenters often face difficulties uploading videos from youtube and recording videos.

Demio Pricing:

Starter plan: 34/mo

Growth plan: 69/mo

Business plan: 165/mo


webex- best webinar software

This could be a right choice too.

Well, WebEx provides a wider range of features than any typical webinar tool. It can do so much more than just hold webinars and webcasts.

Who is WebEx for?

It is an ideal tool for video conferencing, training sessions, teaching, presentation, and so much more. WebEx provides a great experience for those who want to do work as a team and need to collaborate via video conferencing.


This webinar platform makes live meetings easier.

It is also popular among the support groups who hold their sessions online.

It can reach a wider range of audiences through its various functions. Its main features are file sharing and the callback option.

WebEx also includes the basic features as well. You can share any file among your audience who have to view you. It creates a better workflow.

Moreover, its call back option helps to remind your audience about the live session you’re hosting.


WebEx is best for a team conference rather than a webinar.

WebEx Pricing:

Basic: 0 / mo

Business Suit: 25 / mo

Enterprise suit: You may contact their contact center.


livestream-best webinar software

Livestream has the ability to create a studio-like live streaming atmosphere between you and your audience. Livestream doesn’t have the basic marketing features but it provides the screening of the highest quality.

Who is Livestream for?

Brands that provide professional-grade live video content for broadcast across social media platforms.


Livestream provides a great experience for both the audience and yourself. It gives off a high-end production feel.

The main feature of this tool is its advanced editing capability. It has a built-in editing feature that includes graphic overlays, green screen editing, etc.

With Livestream you can also integrate with Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and many other platforms. You can also directly embed your webinars in your website.

You can enjoy unlimited storage and attendees for the recorded videos. The best part is, All lives are automatically recorded and stored in the cloud. No chance to lose any data of lives.


No other webinar platforms are as good as Demio but it still strives to engage your customers with polls and quizzes. That’s a red mark!

Livestream Pricing: 

Free Trial: 30 days

Basic: $42 / mo

Premium Plan: $ 199/ mo

Enterprise: $ 799 / mo


belive- best webinar software

BeLive is amazing software that works as a live streaming platform. Through this platform, you can host webinars and proficient videos which in return will increase your brand awareness and increase audience engagement. You can share your live streaming across all major social media channels like Facebook or YouTube. How it works is you share your screen, images, or even pre-uploaded videos to your audience in a specified channel. You can share your work, guidelines, sessions etc.


live-best webinar software

LiveWebinar is able to create presentations and host webinars that can boost your business to generate more leads, engage more clients and increase your brand awareness as well.

Who is LiveWebinar for?

LiveWebinar is a trustworthy web-based conferencing tool. Its worth for organization e-learning sessions, live webinars and conferences.


Live Webinar is a highly customizable interface that is user friendly and easy to use.

Unlike many other major webinar platforms, LiveWebinar is a one time purchase that gives you lifetime access. What you do later is stack codes on this webinar platform to unlock other features and benefits.

It has a dedicated CTA button that can drive your audience to any link you choose. Furthermore, it has a double-encrypted storage feature which keeps your important files and information safe and secure.


The recording feature is quite disappointing. Sometimes there is lag!

LiveWebinar Pricing: 

Free: 0/mo

Pro: 17/mo

Business: 143/mo

Webinars OnAir

Webinar OnAir is a good solution for presenters who don’t invest much in webinar tools. It is affordable and can help any organization to host a super successful webinar with strong lead magnets.

Who is Webinars OnAir for?

It’s good for digital marketing agencies, freelancers, small businesses and entrepreneurs.


Very affordable webinar tool. It’s a cloud based tool that helps businesses to create polls, manage surveys, record and pre-record live, screen share during live sessions.

The best part is that you can customize a webinar page and present live with strong leads. This tool is featured with end-of-webinar redirects and an interactive chat option.

This webinar platform has an automation recording system. You can record any webinar or special videos to publish on other social media platforms.


Inaccessible to account is a point of negative mark to this webinar platform. Sometimes users fail to log in to their accounts.

Webinars OnAir Pricing: 

Free Trial: 30 days

Start: $19.97

Which is the best webinar software for you?

The best software for you ultimately depends on your specific needs and wants. I don’t have any hands on it. My responsibility was just to review the best webinar softwares.

But If you take my perception, i will honestly recommend you to go for Demio and EverWebinar. Since I’ve been using Everwebinar for a long time, it’s never disappointed me. Demio is, on the other hand, onbeat in features and performance. Judging the upcosts, features, and services I think these two webinar softwares should get top on your priority list. To compare and check you can also give a free trial to the webinar platforms which have free plans.

A webinar platform is not just a platform where you only share live streams of you or your work to let others view. It is also a method to connect and get to your audiences better than ever. Every platform has many other features that can also help your business flourish in some other ways as well. So make sure to check all the features of which platform you choose to work with.

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