Egeneration IPO – Investing in Quality Stocks in Bangladesh

Egeneration IPO

IPOs are a great investment when the stock market soars high. Professional marketers generally land correctly while funding in an IPO. Talking about the investment, the Bangladesh stock market is paving its way towards economic development.

The country is advancing in various areas, which makes it a preferred center for investments. With many emerging IPOs nationwide, it’s important to look out for profitable ones. You do not want to lose your hard-earned money in an IPO that will not give enough gains.

Always check for companies that offer a high capital amount. In Bangladesh, eGeneration is going to be public soon with a total capital of Tk 150,000,000. So, this makes it a better investment than other IPO companies.

Investing in Stocks


Bangladesh has limited influence in the Power Generation, Information Technology, financial services, and telecommunication industries. To break this monotony, eGeneration is coming up with features that will transform the IT and software department’s country. It is supposed to be the second-biggest IPO so far.

They are coming up with 15,000,000 shares by 2020 and will offer Tk 10 for each share. Purchasing these shares will be quite profitable as they will show growth in the DSE market.

In addition, they are confident with its IPO as the sector they feature shows great potential in the upcoming future. The arrival of new technologies will infuse competition in the stock exchange market.

BASIS has more than 400 regional software companies as its members. However, these stocks get the upper hand, as it is the only LSP of Microsoft and premium ally of SAP.

Benefits of Investing in Quality Stocks



The company has thoughtfully molded its functioning around the requirements of the country. It is providing advanced technological services that will benefit the stockholders. There will be cash landing in your bank accounts once the company goes public this fall.

Let’s quickly throw some light on the pros of funding in eGeneration IPO.

High profit in less time

Access the basic outlay of a company and estimate the growth potential. This will help you earn more profit in a short period.

Long-term earning

IPOs are equity stakes, so they will bring in big revenues in a continued duration of time. It will help you to fulfill bigger financial intentions.

Complete value transparency

The price per share is made available in all the IPO documents. So, there is no hidden price margin between owners and investors.

Buy low, gain huge

The IPOs are cheaper for the new budding companies. Buying these shares for low prices and then selling them for a high price can be rewarding.

Summing Up

Bangladesh is getting out of the LDC list through a thriving economy and growing GDP. Therefore, there is even more need for companies that will provide high-level technologies.

IT sector shows low liquidity, which makes investing easier and more manageable. Also, there is more scope in this as the new generation is inclined to make their lives technologically sane.

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