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The “Expert Secrets Book Review” will let you know about the importance of reading this book for your business purpose. The ultimate goal of every online business is to generate maximum profit. As a business owner, your goal should be to get paid to do what you love and get rich in an ethical way. But how do we achieve this?

We start by building a successful brand and that’s the basic theme of the book. Expert secrets book is about how to create a mass movement and how to market yourself. It’s also about building a community for your business where you can be considered an opinion leader.

The way you convey your message to your audience is extremely important as it becomes a foundation for building your brand. It’s like a roadmap to become an expert but how do we determine who is an expert?

The individual who has a voice and knowledge to become an opinion leader in their respective industry are considered to be experts.

Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook is like an exciting journey throughout which you will learn how to influence your community with the existing skills you have. The whole book is like a map that will enhance your existing knowledge and help you to use your abilities to find success in your online business. Here in this blog, I will review this book.

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What is “Expert Secrets”?

Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook is a great book. It is the second part of Russell Brunson’s Secrets’ Trilogy. Do not mislead the title of the book by thinking the book is for expert marketers and business owners.

Russel Brunson, the author of this book and an acknowledged expert in the field shared some of his best secrets to building a brand in the book and so much more. Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson tries to make the reader an expert as well.

The book also talks about some important aspects of being a leader and serving the community. It’s very well written and has received a positive response from the community as well as from other experts. The book gained popularity because of the author who is behind as well.

Russel Brunson, who already established himself in the industry provided real-life examples from his personal experience as well. The book – Expert Secrets also happens to explain the basics of sales, funnels, buyer psychology, and webinars. The book was launched in the market back in 2017.

The topics Russel Brunson covered are still feasible and will be feasible in the future as well. The book is written in a way that is very interactive and can resonate even with complete newcomers in the business. The success stories of Russel Brunson and his company which made it to the $100 million clubs have inspired many readers to purchase his books and follow in his footsteps.

What’s Inside the Expert Secrets Book?

Expert Secrets book is divided into five important sections and each section deals with an important aspect of building a brand, community, and your own image. Half of the book tries to teach you to be a better leader and the other half deals with what you can achieve by being an opinion leader.

1. Creating Mass Movement

This section deals with how you can manage to gain followers or audience. The first attribute of an expert is when people start asking you questions or asking about the solutions to any issue they are facing. That’s why you need an audience or follower base who will come to you for support. This section explains step by step how you can create your identity in the market as an expert and start gaining followers.

2. Creating a Belief

In order to advocate your opinions and influence the community, you first have to create an honest belief in the community. The belief has to be transparent and positive so that it can be easily captured in the minds of the followers. A belief system will help you to connect with your followers much more deeply and it’ll be easier to persuade them with your opinion.

3. Moral Obligation

The moral obligation means the need to share information, knowledge, expertise, and opportunities among your followers. In this part of the book, Russel Brunson talks about the importance of webinars and presentations. He focuses a lot on webinars and how to connect with your followers through them. This part will also teach you how to make proper presentations and courses that will attract your audience.


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4. The Funnels

Russel Brunson is the master of funnels and everyone knows that. He has proved with his ClickFunnels company which has been inducted in the $100 million clubs. Therefore, he made sure that his readers know about funnels as well. A funnel makes the whole customer purchase process very easier for the companies.

Therefore, this part of Expert Secrets discusses the basic and core elements of a funnel and how it works. He described the whole thing with his ClickFunnels examples and persuaded customers to give ClickFunnels a try for their business.

5. What’s Next

This is a very important topic of the book because it talks about how to fill your funnel with potential customers. This is the concluding section of Expert Secrets which deals with lead capture, sales process, order/upsell, and purchasing the product or service. The whole funneling process and how to drive traffic is explained in this section. This part mainly prioritized ClickFunnels and the benefits of ClickFunnels in businesses. Mostly because of how good ClickFunnels is and its co-founder is none other than Russel Brunson himself!

Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is the author of New York Times Bestselling and one of the founders of the best funnel building software tool “ClickFunnels”. Russell Brunson is a visionary and an entrepreneur with his own company and businesses.


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He has been successfully living in this field for a long time now. Expert Secrets is his second book of the trilogy. The first one he wrote is Dotcom Secrets (2015) and the final one is Traffic Secrets which he released in 2020. All 3 of his books have earned him great success as an author.

Price of Expert Secrets Book

The Expert Secrets is available on all the major e-commerce platforms as well as Russel’s own site as well. The book is completely free (shipping excluded) just like other Russell Brunson books. Only a shipping charge is required which is $7.95 for shipping in the US or $14.95 globally.

Final Thoughts on Expert Secrets Book Review

To sum up, Expert Secret is a very thoughtful book that emphasizes being an opinion leader, building your brand, and connecting with your audience through building a community. 

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