Start Selling T-Shirts on Instagram : 2 Basic Effective Process

Selling T-Shirts on Instagram

Hey Print on Demand Marketers,

If you are selling t-shirts on social media, why not consider selling them on Instagram? 

Instagram is a rapidly growing platform with millions of users. The main focus of this platform is pictures and videos, thus making it an amazing platform to promote any fashionable clothing business including t-shirt businesses. Instagram has become a dominating force in the social media game and Selling t-shirts on Instagram now become easier as there are great opportunities for you to reach your audience on this big platform. 

So why miss the opportunity to sell t-shirts on Instagram. 

So, I decided In this article, I will give you some basic ideas – how to sell t-shirts on Instagram and how to promote your t-shirt business on Instagram along with some basic t-shirt advertising ideas.

In this article, I will give you some basic ideas – how to sell t-shirts on instagram and how to promote your t-shirt business on Instagram along with some basic t-shirt advertising ideas.

In these two major topics, the whole thing is covered –

  1. Setting up your Instagram account
  2. Promoting your Instagram account

Setting up your Instagram account

Your profile account is the face of your business on Instagram. To make sure it looks professional and attractive to your existing and potential customers, there are some things you have to set up and optimize. As you are selling T-shirts on Instagram you must make sure it looks like a professional T-Shirt store. 

Step 1: Profile Photo

The first thing you have to know is that your customers can’t see the profile photo in full view. So you have to consider something on a smaller scale, don’t give anything complex or hard to understand. That’s why the profile photo has to be your company/brand logo. The logo must give off the feel or vibe of your T-shirt business. Make sure the brand logo is nice and easy to understand and gives your customers the brand feel. Logo with a T-shirt could be the best idea. 

Step 2: Username

Don’t come up with something creative and stray away completely from your brand name. This won’t help you to increase your Instagram t-shirt sales. It’s always wise to give your brand name with some minor modifications. For example, you can add under scrolls in between the brand name. You can also add extensions in the name like “Brand XYZ T-shirt line” if your business has multiple business units. Remember, T-shirt is the main keyword which will help your customers to find your store fast. So I must try to use this word in the brand name. 

Step 3: Profile Bio

You will have a small space to write your profile bio, it will be visible right below the username. Since you will not get to write a lot about your brand, a simple formula, in this case, does the trick.

Many major marketers use this formula – “Who you are + What you do + A bit of personality.” There is a small problem in the bio section. You can’t use the spacebar to break the lines in the below sentence, so formatting the sentence becomes tough when you’re writing the bio in the bio section. Do not forget to add emojis in the bio. Instagram is an emoji-friendly platform. Don’t miss the chance to take this opportunity. Have a look at how big industries have crafted their bio on Instagram.

That is why it is better to write it somewhere else where you can format the sentence very well and then simply copy and paste it into the bio section. Do not forget to add emojis in the bio. Instagram is an emoji-friendly platform. Don’t miss the chance to take this opportunity. 

Have a look at how big industries have crafted their bio on Instagram.

Your bio is the only place where you can actually place a clickable link. The link should be of your store or website where you are selling your t-shirt. The purpose of your entire Instagram profile is to drive customers through this link and to the selling page.

Every marketing and promotional activity drives the customers to this link. When you will place your store link, make sure that you have shortened it with Otherwise, it’s going to look like a spammy link and customers will hesitate to click on the link.

Step 5: Story Highlights

As I say to you, I will give you some t-shirt advertising ideas. Here comes the part!  

Story highlights are an important section in the Instagram profile that many businesses skip! However, you don’t do that! Make use of everything that is given, only then you will achieve maximum benefit.

Because Instagram stories have a lot of features like GIF, Poll, COuntdown, and Attractive stickers. It will help you to craft an engaging advertisement. Apart from that, if you haven’t any video editing skills you can use boomerang, use layout options and also craft a caption. 

It’s totally fine that Instagram removed stories after 24 hours but the best part is that you can highlight your stories.

You can save them and categorize them, as you want to. Whenever a customer will visit your profile, they will be able to see the stories you have highlighted. It will help your audiences understand what products you have and what offers are going on.

You can share your customers’ reviews in the Instagram stories and highlight them too. 

Step 6: Profile Niche

Always pick one niche per account.

Confused !? What does one niche per account actually mean? Let me describe

If your niche is “nursing”, don’t post any contents that are irrelevant to nursing like hunting or fisheries.

Each storefront must have a separate niche because your customers will expect to see content related to what they are looking for.

For example, if your niche is selling t-shirts that are particularly designed for nurses, That means your target audiences are all kinds of nurses like administrative nurses, student nurses, neonatal nurses, ICU nurses, health practitioners, and others related to them. Therefore, when the audience visits your profile, they will expect to see content and t-shirts related to nursing and not something completely irrelevant like hunting, fishing, engineering, marketing, etc. 

If you do have multiple businesses with different niches, do not mix them up. They should have individual stores with separate website links on their profile. Or Create a simple general store. 

Step 7: Profile Contents

Content is the king.  Try to share different types of content to grab more audiences on your Store but make sure to provide the following 4 content to make your Instagram T-shirt store look authentic.

Product Photos –

Share T-shirt designs as much as you can. Sharing T-shirt designs with mockups could be the best idea to attract the audience’s eye. If you do not have enough design ideas collect them from the following websites and put them into your mockup. 






Example of a good looking Instagram T-shirt selling account –

selling t-shirts on instagram

Tshirt-photo with-mock up-on Instagram-account

Quotes – These work exceptionally well on Instagram when you mix the quotes with some cool background. Many of the Instagram brands use this technique to emotionally attach to audiences. The quotes can be inspirational, motivational, or educational but lifestyle and fashion-related quotes go better with T-shirts. 

Model Photos

The most effective technique to demonstrate your brand’s authenticity on Instagram is to display your T-shirt collections with a model wearing them. 

Now you must be wondering about hiring a professional model. Make a budget list to pay the model and photographer.

You absolutely, don’t need to do this !!!

You don’t have to. 

There is a website called “” where you upload your T-shirt designs. Then those designs are automatically placed on the model and it makes them look like they are actually wearing your T-shirts. Having model photos in your account means that your profile gives the feel that you have a full-fledged clothing brand, professional photographer, models, and carrying an inventory. Model photos give off the feeling that you have inventory and products in ock.

Get Placeit guidelines from here-

Customer photos – Customer reviews & recommendations serve as the trusting ground from one customer to another. At some point, you will see that customers who bought a product from you are starting to give reviews wearing your product. Therefore, what you can do then is ask their permission and re-post their review in your profile. Most people will say yes because who wouldn’t want to be shown on their favorite brand’s page.

Try to share customer images while wearing your T-shirts. This type of content has a huge benefit, it shows that real people are making a purchase from your store, and seeing that, more people will feel trusted and their purchase decision will get influenced. This type of content rather gives social proof and validation from one customer to another.

Step 8: Photo Caption

When you click on a post, the first thing anyone sees beside the picture is the caption! There are two ways you can go with this – either you can give your product information or you can use something catchy to grab the attention of your customers.

Product Information: Hang up your audience with your Instagram caption. Write about the benefits of a T-shirt, Color, Size, Price and other necessary details. 

Catchy Words: If there is an event taking place and your items are relevant to the event, mention it there. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” for example, “here’s something you can give your loved one on Valentine’s Day.” 

It is as simple as that. Make sure to add the website purchase link in the caption as well. Give them the flexibility to purchase T-shirts both from the store and Website.

Promoting your Instagram account

I have planned some steps to help you promote your Instagram storefront effectively. Follow this plan step by step.

Step 1: Hashtags in the First Comment

Hashtags are one of those keywords that people use in order to find content relevant to their interests.

On, Social media platforms we can find the topic of our interest through Hashtags. Therefore, when you use hashtags in your Instagram post–it will help your audience to find the product they are looking for. But the hashtag should have to be right. Even, the maximum bulk of traffic will come from Instagram. Now, let’s check where you can use the hashtag:

Moreover, use Hashtags in the first comment.

Place the Hashtags in the caption but it sometimes does not look good and hides the important information in the caption. That is why it’s better to place the Hashtags in the first comment. Moreover, when any customer clicks on the post, they will be able to see the caption as well as the mentioned Hashtags.

Rules of Using Hashtags:

These Hashtags are mostly used for promotional purposes and there are some rules that you have to follow for maximum benefit. For each post, we can use a maximum of 30 Hashtags. It means if one of these Hashtags is searched on Instagram, your post has a chance of appearing in the search results.

Now, these Hashtags have to be relevant to the niche and business. Avoid overly complicated Hashtags and the very simple ones. For example, the best hashtags for selling t-shirts could be- 

#tshirtdesign #tshirtprinting #tshirtfornurse #tshirtshop #tshirtoftheday #tshirtart #fasionalbletshirt #lovetshirt etc.

Use for Twitter and Instagram hashtag research. It’s not totally free but you can give a free trial before purchase. 

Since 30 hashtags are the limit, don’t place the same 30 Hashtags in every post. Make 3 or 4 sets of “30 Hashtags” list. Then rotate them in every post. It is actually a creative way to give exposure to your business to a wider range of audiences.

Use of Hashtags (Selling T-Shirts on Instagram)

Use of Hashtags (Selling T-Shirts on Instagram)

Step 2: Influencer Marketing

Influencers are individuals or a group of people who motivate people to take action. They are not necessarily celebrities with fame and money. They are more like specialists in their respective fields.

They demonstrate authority and have expert knowledge in their field. For example, there are fashion bloggers or experts who influence people and their decision on Instagram or other media platforms.

You can reach out to your preferred influencer and ask them to promote your business by wearing your T-shirt. They will wear your t-shirt and introduce people to your Instagram page and latest products. Influencer profiles are likely to bring you more additional visitors.

Influencer marketing is a constantly growing and rich market with great prospects to work with. It has made a great impact in the field of marketing. That is why it is a great promotional technique that can help your business.

Step 3: Giveaway

Running a giveaway on Instagram can be a great way to promote your Instagram t-shirt sales. It is a good way to engage a good number of audience members on your post. Try to run at least a contest in a week or monthly. 

Here are 5 ideas for a Giveaway:

✅ Tag Your Followers Giveaway

✅ Rafflecopter Contest

✅ Vote on their favorite shirt design

✅ Wear a T-shirt and share your fashion thought giveaway:

✅ Design-A-T-shirt giveaway: 

Step 4: Instagram Ads 

Instagram ads blend seamlessly into the user’s feed. Therefore, it does not disrupt the user experience. Instagram Ads look like any other image on Instagram when you are scrolling through your newsfeed.

However, there will be a sponsored tag at the end of the image. That is how you differentiate the Ads from the regular Instagram image. These ads are very crucial if you want to increase your brand awareness and gain more followers outside your current followers. These ads are easy to set up and you can even use old images as well. 

There are basically 2 ways of running your ads on Instagram.

  1. Instagram  Feed Ads: When running an Instagram feed ad, it is important to pay attention to the various demographics that your target audience may be interested in. This can include age group, location, gender, interests, and more. Once you have compiled this information, Target those groups with ads that are tailored specifically for them. Keep your ad copy concise but attention-grabbing. For T-shirt advertisements use designs that are creative and go with the current event like the Christma T-shirt sale for nurses, Black Friday T-shirt sale for Nurses, etc While running an Instagram ad, choose a schedule that works for you and your audience. 
  2. Instagram Stories Ads: You can share both t-shirts’ promotional pictures and videos on Instagram Stories. That’s the best part of the story advertisement. You can create a sense of urgency by Using Instagram stickers like Hurry Up Sticker, Sale sticker, Last day to purchase a sticker, count down, etc.  One of the best features of Instagram Stories is the ability to include a link. Invite your followers to swipe upwards, which will take them directly to the purchase link you specify.





The whole Instagram marketing method is like a systematic process. I have shown the process in these 2 steps. If you don’t set up your Instagram business account well, you won’t be able to promote your business. Because the Instagram account setup will represent what kind of t-shirt you are selling for which niche and the promotion will advertise t-shirts to your right target audience. So if you really didn’t start in this way, go through my suggestion. It will work well. 

The tips outlined in this blog are to create successful campaigns and reach an eager customer base. Do you have any tips to share on how to sell T-shirts on Instagram? 

Don’t forget to leave it in the comments!



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