How to Increase Email Conversion Rate

5 Complete Process to Send E-mail to your List without annoying them


Let us talk about some statistics. What number of Emails do you get in a single day? If you run a business or is associated with online communication, your inbox is bound to get overwhelmed with messages day by day. Some you probably open up and some you erase without even taking a look. How many messages do you think you open up? Moreover, how many do you read? Do you click on the connections? Do they convince you to make a purchase? So many questions, which means so much data and information.

Email marketing can be an incredible method to earn potential clients. However, the competition is not easy! What makes your emails stand out from the rest? Let us take a look at how you can increase this conversion rate by optimizing it from your emails and earn new customers or clients.

Eye-catching Title

eye catching-How to Increase Email Conversion Rate

A catchy headline or title is the first and foremost part of any content that grabs the attention of anyone. The majority of the time, it is the deciding factor whether or not the email will be opened or not. In order to increase your conversion rate, make sure you have a title that is able to make the potential customers click on the email. It is better not to click bait the customers as they will not click on any of the future emails. In this case, make sure to create a clear title.

Quality Content

Now let’s say that someone has clicked on the link, now it is time for your content to shine and earn you a new customer. The emails must be enthusiastic and engaging enough about your product/service or your company. Make sure to avoid writing negative opinions or anything that demeans your company. You can try writing your content with a story-telling technique. Storytelling is a powerful marketing technique, well-written narratives resonate with readers. Storytelling is also an effective way to get the readers hooked on your content. Your content should be quality-full enough to draw in customers.

quality content-How to Increase Email Conversion Rate

Mobile-optimized Email Campaigns

People tend to use their mobile phones more than their computers when it comes to daily usage. It is the same case for emails. People feel more comfortable reading emails on their phones rather than on their computers. It only takes a single notification to let the user know that an email has arrived, whereas you need to open the computer then open a browser and then access your email files to know that an email is here. It is a lengthy process so people are more relying on mobile devices to send, receive and read their emails on their phones. That is why mobile-optimized email campaigns are effective in capturing potential customers.

mobile optimized-How to Increase Email Conversion Rate

Targeted Emails and Segmented Lists

One of the main reasons why some people have so low conversion rates is because they send irrelevant and random emails to their customers and clients. What constitutes a random email? Let’s say you are an engineer but you often get random business email that you have no use for. That is a random email. It can be random and irrelevant regardless of how good the content is if it is sent to the wrong person. If the email is not relevant to you, the chances are that you won’t open the email.

After a few irrelevant emails from a company, the customer will automatically close the email even if one of the emails is useful to him/her. They won’t even look at the title or the content if they see the company or business name.

target image-How to Increase Email Conversion Rate

This is why segmenting email recipients are extremely important. You can segment your customers by age/location/gender/occupation/activity etc. Consider your customers, segment them and start sending out emails! You can further segment your recipients by their demographics, preferences and interests, behavioral pattern and psychographics.

Double Opt-in

It may sound very simple and trivial but it is a great way to create further engagement with your customers. Double opt-in is a very simple practice of asking people to confirm the subscription for a newsletter. It can be easily done by simply clicking on the confirmation link that the recipients receive via their email.

Double Opt-in- How to Increase Email Conversion Rate

Double opt-in removes all the faulty emails that have been sent to the recipients. Furthermore, double opt-in helps to remove folders, earns you people that has higher chance of subscription, increases engagement of customers, marketing opportunities with special offers etc.

Greeting the Subscribers (Welcome Emails)

This strategy is a great way to earn and keep new subscribers. It can seem like a small gesture but you can send them welcome emails and make them feel welcomed. You can let them know what to expect from this subscription or how can they be benefited from this.

Subscribers Emails-How to Increase Email Conversion Rate

You can send them a welcome offer to make your new subscribers more excited about their stay here. The first impression always lasts more so if you can present them some exciting offers in the beginning. Their chances of subscription will last longer.

You have to encourage them to engage and communicate more, in this way you can also direct them to your social media pages and other online platforms. The best part about the welcome email is that it is automated, which means you won’t have to type to every single subscriber. Whenever a new subscriber will sign in, an automatic welcome email will be sent to them.

Keeping the Subscribers (Reminder Emails)

subscribers email-How to Increase Email Conversion Rate

The reminder emails work a bit differently. You first need to understand if they bought a subscription to a service you of this offer. Before they run out of subscriptions, let them know by sending them an email. Don’t just wait for them to renew your subscription. They might forget or they might not be interested anymore, in that case, you can send them a reminder email with maybe some exciting offers or incentives. This strategy helps to sustain their stay in your email subscriber list. Try to send emails without annoying them.

Through your email, you can send them a renewal link before their subscription expires. These emails are automated too, so you don’t have to do much if you have your subscription database up to date with all your customers. The emails will be sent automatically.

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