How to Make More Sales on “Earth Day” for Your POD Business

earth day

Earth Day is a global event that is celebrated annually every year to show support for our planet and its environmental protection. It began in 1970 and it is now being celebrated in more than 193 countries every year on April 22nd.

Earth Day is an important occasion that emphasizes raising awareness, environmental protection, dangers that are affecting the planet and many other contemporary issues. As we all know, Earth Day is right around the corner.

For businesses, it is the perfect time to promote their brand and what they are offering. This is the perfect opportunity to prove that your brand is eco-friendly and it cares about our environment. Consumers have become very aware of what products they buy and what these products represent.

Therefore, the products you offer during this time (one week of Earth Day activities) must represent your concern for the planet. So, you need to plan accordingly and build campaigns and offer products for your customers.

Products Idea to Generate more Sales:

When you’re in the POD business, it’s hard to choose materials to manufacture your products that are considered “eco-friendly” or purely natural. However, that does not mean your business will come to a halt at this time.

Regardless of the type of products you sell, it is more important on what designs you choose or what messages you are trying to convey through your product. Generally, the agenda or theme during this occasion is “Green” as it resembles Earth.

You can design all your POD products based on this theme. The design can be anything ranging from a simple picture of earth to even the complex design of the entire ecosystem. Just make sure your designs stick with the theme of Earth Day.

Here are some of the top-selling products for Earth Day –

  • T-shirt
  • Mugs
  • Pillow covers
  • Curtain
  • Accessories
How to Make More Sales on "Earth Day" for Your POD Business 1

Potential Customers on this Event:

Even though it is a global event, you can’t still target the mass market for your Earth Day products. That’s because, unlike Christmas or any other big occasion, Earth Day is not celebrated by everyone. That is why you have to target a specific niche of customers.

Many people will buy your products, such as people who are celebrating this event, people who are associated with them, people from the NGO’s, environmentalists and of course general people who love the Earth as well!

Depending on your promotional activities, customers will line up in your store. If you offer exceptional products and your marketing and promotional strategies are on point, in that case even customers who weren’t interested will start to purchase your products.

Many online businesses have become environmentally conscious and consumers are becoming aware of the environmental impact. That is why great designs and creative marketing strategies will make customers purchase your products.

Now, let’s divide the customer segment into some categories and see what type of customers are interested in Earth Day products.

Age: There is no specific age range but customers from age 18 – 30 tend to buy products related to Earth Day. There is also a good reason behind it; people at this age tend to be more aware of their surroundings. Therefore, they purchase products related to Earth Day to either celebrate or raise awareness.

Geographical Location: Earth Day is not region bounded. It is a global celebration. That’s why people all over the world celebrate this day in unity. Therefore, there is no customer segment by geographical location.

Profession: As said above, this day is not celebrated by everyone like Christmas or New Year’s Day. There are specific groups of people who tend to purchase these products. If we go by profession, environmentalists or conscious nature lovers are our primary customers.

How to Make More Sales on "Earth Day" for Your POD Business 2

Promotional Strategies

Along with great designs, the other factor that will set your brand apart from your competitors is the promotional strategies. Most POD business does not have a physical store; they only have an online store and their social media accounts to work with.

Yet, there are many amazing things you can do to promote your business during this occasion. Your advertisements, campaigns and special offers will determine how well your customers receive you.

Here are some of the things you can do to attract your customers and make a sale!

Advertisement Policy – Since Earth Day is a very special occasion, the advertisement and all the marketing strategies have to be customized for this specific day.

You can design your online store and your social media accounts based on the theme of Earth Day. By design, we mean you change your cover picture, your profile picture and other necessary changes in your social media accounts.

Moreover, you can also change the entire background theme of your online store for a week, so that it represents the spirit of Earth Day. You can tailor your promotional offers by adjusting the theme of Earth Day into every ad or content you post in your social media accounts.

Eco-friendly Packaging – This can be a long-term solution as well and not just for a week. Using eco-friendly bags will not only help the environment but also increase brand visibility from customers.

That is because customers are aware these days; they care about how we are giving them their products. Eco-friendly bags are a great way to steal the spotlight away from your competitors.

Moreover, the packaging of a product is just as important as the product itself. It is the very first thing a customer sees after they receive the product. The first impression says a lot about a brand. There are several eco-friendly available to use –

  • Reusable Paper Bags
  • Jute Bags
  • Cotton Bags
  • Hemp Bags

Giveaway Eco-friendly Gifts – This is a great way to make your customers remember your brand for a very long time. You can giveaway small eco-friendly gifts to your customers for every purchase they make.

You can set the price of what amount of purchase before they are eligible for the gift. Eco-friendly gifts are thoughtful and it can be a reminder for them that they had purchased something from you.

If they like it, they will remember to check back on your store.  It is a great way to attract new customers who were only about purchase something exclusively for Earth Day. Here are some recommended gifts for Earth Day –

  • Reusable Zip-Close Bags
  • Reusable Cleaning Towels
  • Reusable Water Bottle
  • Tote Bags

Start A UGC Campaign – UGC campaigns allow the customers to promote your brand themselves. Many marketers use UGC as a method to spread brand awareness and promote whatever they are offering.

You can use this as an opportunity to promote your brand as eco-friendly as well as persuade your customers to do something for the environment. You can ask your customers to do something like clean a local park or plant a tree.

There are many other ways you can go with UGC, however since the occasion is Earth Day, stick to something that represents the spirit of this occasion.


Earth Day is right around the corner and many businesses have already started preparing their online store and their social media pages.  Earth Day is one of those occasions where you can represent your business to your potential customers in an “eco-friendly” way.

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