How to Use Reddit to Promote Your Content? Find the Best Reddit Enagagement Ideas

Reddit Marketing

Reddit is considered to be the birthplace of memes and viral content. The site hosts the most number of user-generated content. The site’s reach and influence make it one of the most important sites on the internet. Many people have tagged Reddit as the “Front Page of the Internet” due to its popularity and influence.

The contents that end up on the front of the page of Reddit are either the most controversial or the most impactful content on the internet. An average person using Reddit is far more enthusiastic and engaged in content than a regular user of other social media platforms. This has made Reddit a gem for content marketing and other forms of marketing.

Some Stats on Reddit

Words mean nothing if there is no supporting evidence to back it up and what better way is than numbers. Some below stats will help you to understand why Reddit is one of the best platforms to do content marketing and promotion.

  • 33rd popular website in the world and 9th in USA according to Alexia
  • Has more than 40 million users across 209 countries
  • Has more than 10,000 sub-communities
  • Receives more than 180 million unique visitors every month
  • Receives more than 8 billion individual page views every month
  • Majority of the demographics are millennial and Gen Z
  • Highest-educated user bases (more than 80%)
  • 1.4 million active communities
  • 58 million daily votes.
  • 40 Million searches every day
  • 15 minutes is the average visit time in Reddit (that’s a lot!)
  • Reddit can be used in 70 different languages.

How does it Work?

Before you start promoting your content in Reddit, you have to know how it functions. Like Facebook where it has reacted and commented, Reddit has upvotes and downvotes. Contents with more upvotes generally are highlighted on the front page or the hot page!

This works on both Sub-Reddit and main Reddit pages. The platform is extremely competitive, if you want your content on the front page, it has to stand out amongst thousands of submissions every day.

One thing you have to keep it in mind is that the Reddit community doesn’t like marketers or promotional content that highlight certain brands. It’s okay to self-promote if you’re a fellow Redditor. According to Reddiquette, accounts that are only devoted to promote or market a certain product/service will get automatically banned.

The Reddit community expects the users to submit content that leaves room for discussion. The exploitation of this by doing dedicated marketing of products and services is not allowed. So you have to be extremely careful before you start to promote your content in Reddit. So now here comes the most important part, you’ll know how to promote your content without getting deleted or banned. Below are some steps that’ll help you to promote your content in Reddit.

Steps to Promote Contents in Reddit

1. Create a Genuine Profile

Create a profile that doesn’t give off vibes that you are only here to promote your stuff. Make the profile to look like a regular individual and not a marketer. The community expects the users to add value to the community, not spam it with promotional content.

2. Target specific subreddits

Reddit is divided into many communities which are known as subreddits. Each SubReddit deals with different topics for discussion.

Try to target specific subreddits that match your niche. Niche subreddits are full of engaged users who are easy to convert. Find your preferred subreddit and work on it.

3. Post your Link to Reddit Between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m.

Links posted during this period have a better success rate at reaching the desired audience. This is because these links tend to be in prime position to be tackled by Americans as they wake up and go to work. Similarly, before 9, there isn’t as much challenge, implying that your content has a vastly improved possibility of ascending to the top.

4. Keep your Content More Relevant to the Users

There will be more traffic and lead generation if your content is progressively relevant and clear to the users. You have to do thorough research into your SubReddit to know which sorts of posts are getting the high reaction. When you get the attention of the users, you can without much of a stretch shape yourself to make an exceptionally relevant post to your users.

5. Stay Active besides Posting

Commenting and replying to everyone will make your content more exposed and visible to the users. This will help to initiate conversation among the users and make the post more visible.

6. Share your Posts among your People

In the initial stage when you don’t have a group, you can share your Reddit posts with your companions or Twitter followers who are additionally Reddit users. In the event that they like your post and upvote it on Reddit, which may pick up the attention of other Reddit users and in this manner builds your post commitment. When it is upvoted by your companions or a portion of the Redditors, different Redditors believe that the post is worth to peruse it.

7. Address the Concerns of Users

The suggestions and solutions you are offering ought to be basic and easy to use. Once in a while, you may get such sort of remarks which you may feel amusing. All things considered, address every one of the problems in a modest manner.


Reddit is an amazing platform to showcase your content in a grand way. If your content is good, the Reddit users will automatically upvote your content. Keep up with the flow and post interesting and quality content. Redditors always look for Quality Content and if they like something, they never forget to upvote it.

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