How to Promote Your Products on Quora

Quora Marketing

Quora has established itself as an information-based Q&A platform where people of all demographics and professions search for their desired answers, ask questions and vote for their favorite answers. Here people ask questions from “Where can I buy a batman costume for my kid” to “How to improve my YouTube marketing strategy”.

People who are active on Quora come from different backgrounds and each one of them comes here to seek something. Therefore, making it an enriched platform to promote your products. Besides the common Q&A service, there are many advanced things you can do with the platform. The platform attracts so many significant individuals such as journalists, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, etc.

What Else Can You Do in Quora

  1. Target Questions – You can target different questions for different users.
  2. Publish Contents – Similar to LinkedIn’s publishing platform; you can publish your content on Quora.
  3. Searching Specific Topics – You can search for specific keywords or topics from the series of questions appearing in Quora.
using quora for marketing


The Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing on Quora is quite effective and efficient. The platform provides a unique, more personal way to reach your audience. Additionally, it gives a guide into what they’re searching for inside your business. Quora is cheaper and more informative than expensive customer surveys.

Q&A is an excellent approach that lets you inside the minds of your prospects or customers. It gives insights on how and what they think. Now that we know how effective it is, let’s see how this marketing strategy can be properly utilized. Below are steps to how you can successfully promote and market your products and services in Quora.

1. Create a Professional Bio

You can act as an individual who is representing the company. Every time you ask a question or leave an answer, a part of your bio is visible to the other users. The first 50 characters are visible as a tagline of your bio to other users.

This is a great opening where you can do a little bit of branding about yourself (if you’re an entrepreneur) or the company where you work. Never forget to add the company/organization name in the tagline. The readers will know where you’re from. This is a great chance to do a bit of branding for your company.

 You can add links in your profile. This will help you generate traffic for whatever sites the link is for. If the readers view your profile, they’ll be able to click on the links. Add every detail your profile requires to make it look like a professional one. This will help the readers to search for you if they want something from you.

2. Track appropriate topics with notifications

Research is the most essential part of doing business in Quora. You need to know what the readers of your industry are thinking or how they are viewing various issues. Click on Quora’s search box and select a topic you’d like to know about. Quora will give you a rundown of autocompleted suggestions.

When you navigate to a point page, you’ll even observe an additional list of related topics to search along the side. If you need answers from specific users, then all you have to do is “follow” their account and when they will post a new answer, you’ll be notified. This helps to understand what some individual users think of.

If you want to follow a specific topic, you can also hit follow there. You’ll receive notifications every time someone posts a discussion on that topic. You can set those topics relevant to your business.

Promote Your Products on Quora

3. Answer the right questions

Quora is very flexible; you can answer any questions you want. This is a great way to get involved with the community and enhance your presence there. However, if you want to promote your business, answering every question is not effective much. You have to answer strategically to assert dominance in the thread.

What you can do is search for specific topics that are relevant to your business. This will help you to filter out important questions from thousands of questions. Answer those questions, share your knowledge and enlighten the readers with useful information.

Try to look for threads with the most upvotes. The upvotes represent how popular the question is or how many times it has been viewed. The ones with the most upvotes will give you the most leads and generate traffic.

4. Create a page of your company/business

Much like other platforms, you can also create a page on Quora. Create a company page for your business. In order to create your page, you have to include a topic on your page, it is much like adding what genre a movie is! If you can’t find your preferred topic, then click on the sidebar and click on “create topic”.

This will create a topic for your page. After you have set up your page, you can ask the community to review your page and the contents in it. This is a great way to influence the readers into getting more involved with your business as well as adding a bit of social proof.

5. Start blogging on Quora

Besides the usual Q&A format, one additional thing you can do is start blogging and publishing your stories on Quora. Yes, Quora is generally a Q&A platform. However, blogging is an additional option that is provided by Quora that can help you to assert more impact in the community.

There is a “start blogging” option in your profile; you can customize it however you want. URL, description, tagline, and headline – you can customize and edit whatever you want. The Quora network is very strong.

In order for your business to bloom, you can use the blogging option to promote and market your products and services through written content. It’ll give an additional promotional boost to your marketing campaign.


Is Quora a definitive marketing strategy for your business? It is totally up to you if want to invest your time and effort in Quora. However, Quora has proved to be very useful in getting close to your audience. In order to get the maximum benefit from Quora, you as an entrepreneur or a business representative must utilize every possible function provided by Quora.

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