One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA)

One Funnel Away Challenge

Ever wanted to build a business online but had no idea where to start? Ever felt like you are stuck in your own business and it is not growing at all? Have you ever wanted to learn everything about funnels? The One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA) is the perfect response to these questions.

Doesn’t matter if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to build a business from scratch or someone with an existing business who wishes to expand the business further, OFA will cover everything from inside out.

If you’re familiar or heard of Russell Brunson, you definitely have heard of the phrase, “You’re just one funnel away”. He has spoken these exact phrases countless times. So how is this phrase relevant and how is OFA beneficial for every business person? We will cover that below.

What is the OFA Challenge?

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The One Funnel Away Challenge or OFA, in short, is a 30-day training program that is designed to enhance your business strategy and change your perception of the business itself! It is basically a step by step guide that will teach you a lot of things relevant to the business.

The course is instructed by 3 highly experienced mentors/coaches, whichever you want to call them. The OFA was first introduced as the 30 Days Virtual Summit back in October 2018. This course will provide you online and offline resources for your day-to-day lessons for 30 whole days.

Since it is a step by step guide, every lesson will build-up to the next one. Therefore, there isn’t any chance to skip or avoid any lesson. The Price of the whole course (challenge) is $100. The resources sent directly to your doorsteps after you purchase the course.

You will get access to online communities and forums which is exclusively for the owners of the course only. When you purchase The OFA Challenge course, you’re not just simply purchasing a course, you’re literally purchasing a unique experience!

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Benefits of the OFA Challenge

The OFA Challenge will ultimately teach you 3 fundamental things about business –

  1. Building effective sales funnel
  2. Creating a product or sales offer
  3. Promoting product using the right sales funnel

In order for you to understand these fundamentals perfectly, you will be exposed to so many literal challenges and information, which would eventually lead to a much better understanding of business overall.

Most people who are new to business and marketing are unaware of the fundamentals of reaching customers and selling what you want to sell. They are unaware of how the market works. The market is dynamic and it is always changing. So, it’s essential to learn the market right away. That’s where OFA comes, it will grind you and teach you from the best of the business.

The OFA Challenge is hosted by the FunnelHacker Community on Facebook. Here you get the opportunity to communicate with thousands of other people who are doing the challenge at the moment or have previously completed it. Forget feeling lost, overwhelmed, and alone. You will get to meet talented people who will give valuable feedback on your progress.

Everyone is familiar with the term “Information is Power”, it is true. However, unnecessary and irritant information can cause more harm. The “Right” kind of information for you can change the face of your business and your life in general. That is exactly what the OFA Challenge is all about – giving you the correct and relevant information about your business.

Furthermore, the main reason why this course is effective is that it forces you to take action. It is not just your typical course where you just simply learn. In this course, you learn and work at the same time. You will be put all your learnings into work from time to time. You will get so many useful materials from books to customized kits to even Podcast sessions.

Who are the Instructors?

The whole course is taught by 3 highly experienced mentors/coaches – Russel Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larsen. Russel Brunson is one of the co-founders of ClickFunnels itself! His videos and training lessons focus on many aspects of funneling and business.

Julie Stoian is a successful 7-figure entrepreneur herself. Her training lessons focus on the implementations of the mentioned business strategies. And last but not the least, Stephen Larsen is a highly experienced enthusiastic coach who focuses on the live sessions.

What are Resources?

As mentioned above, you will receive a bunch of materials from the OFA Challenge. Below is the following list of the resources that you will receive after purchasing the course

  • The Challenge Workbook
  • The “30 Days” 550 Page Hardcover Book
  • 30 days of Online videos and live sessions
  • OFA Customized Kit
  • Unlimited Interview Access
  • Two Comma Club Interviews – BTS
  • Recordings of the first One Funnel Away Challenge (with Mp3 player!)
  • Unlimited Access to Exclusive Forums, Communities and so much more!

The course is priced only at $100 but the resources it has are worth more than $3,000 in value. There is also the chance of getting your full money back after the course ends! You can do this by prompting this course as an affiliate marketer.

Every successful referral will earn you about $100. So, you only need about one successful referral to get back what you have spent. They also have a return policy if you want to return some of the resources. They will give you the full refund


No matter what your goal or purpose is, you’re always just one funnel away. Since its establishment, this is what the OFA Challenge has been representing. This means that you’re just funnel away from completely changing how you run your business and your life overall.

It’s that one single funnel that can truly turn your life upside down and revolutionize your business.  Maybe it’s a million-dollar funnel or even a 10-million-dollar funnel, who knows. What OFA is concerned about is turning these changes into reality.

That is why this course is designed in such a way that it will make you give effort and be creative. Thus, reaching that one funnel.

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