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Christmas is considered to be the largest religious and commercialized celebrations in the current world. Christmas is celebrated in most of the countries in the world. It is the largest Christian celebration. The word “Christmas” is a simplified form for “Mass on Christ’s Day”. Christmas is a popular annual holiday of the Christians which commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ.

 It is held on December 25th every year as a day of both cultural and religious celebrations. Other than being a religious festival Christmas is also a worldwide commercial phenomenon. People have been celebrating Christmas for roughly two millennia. Its origin is of religious, however as time passed by, soon it got commercialized and many more people started to celebrate it.

So, to commemorate his birth, people pray in churches, exchange gifts, decorate Christmas trees together with friends & family, and have dinner together. Santa Clause is a prominent imaginary figure amongst children. Children wish for presents to Santa Clause and stay up waiting for him to arrive.

Origin of the Christmas

Centuries before Jesus was born, early Europeans used to celebrate light and birth in the cold dark days of winter in hopes of looking forward to sunlight and longer hours of the day. The Norse celebrated “Yule” from December 21st to January to rejoice in the return of the sun. People would burn logs and feast for 12 days straight until the logs burned out.

Germans believed the pagan god Oden would bring them to bring them prosperity during mid-winter. In Rome, where winter was not so harsh, People worshiped “Saturnalia”, the god of agriculture. When Christianity was first born, the birth of Christ was not celebrated. Even in the Bible, his birth is not accurately depicted.

It was Pope Julius who decided on the date, December 25th.  The Americans began celebrating Christmas in the 19th century. In 1819, Washington Irving, writer of the revolutionary book “The Sketchbook of Geoffrey Crayon” expressed his version of Christmas which, throughout the years has evolved into the Christmas we know today. English author Charles Dickens created the classic holiday tale “A Christmas Carol”, which introduced charity and goodwill to the celebration.

This blog can help you to make Million Dollar Christmas this year 1

The mythical “Santa Clause” or “Father Christmas” is another famous aspect of Christmas dedicated to children to look up to. His origin can be traced back as far as 280 A.D. In that time, Turkey had a man named St. Nicolas who traveled and gave up all his wealth and inheritance towards helping the poor and the sick. He was known as the protector of children and sailors. The Words “Santa Clause” is a rough derivation of St Nicolas’s Dutch name “Sinter Klaas”.

Geographical Location

Every country, where Christianity is a prominent holiday, celebrates Christmas in one way or another. In most countries, Christmas is a national holiday. Countries like America, Mexico, the UK, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, etc. hold huge nationwide celebratory festivals. Asian countries like Japan, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc. hold large scale events like fireworks to celebrate.

How it is celebrated

Churches hold their highest annual attendance during Christmas. People of all ages visit the church with their friends and family. Preachers preach the story of Jesus and Choirs sing Christmas carol in chorus with the people. Houses and neighborhoods are seen decorated with lightings and Christmas themed accessories like candy canes, gnomes, and reindeers.

Christmas trees are decorated similarly with add-ons such as family pictures, glittered laces, angels, wreaths, mistletoes and a big star on top. Stockings are hung near fireplaces to hold presents.  Nativity plays are seen being acted out by children and adults. Some even sing Christmas carols from door to door and raise charity.

Christmas themed music is played almost everywhere. Gift-giving is another noticeable tradition of Christmas. Family and friends exchange gifts amongst each other as a way of showing appreciation. Children list what they want for Christmas to Santa Clause and wake up on Christmas morning to find their presents near the Christmas tree.

Gift cards are used to express feelings towards loved ones. Families gather together and feast on a huge Christmas Dinner. Traditional Christmas cuisines include pudding, pie, cake, and one big Turkey. Some European countries are also known to eat fried fish.

This blog can help you to make Million Dollar Christmas this year 2

Types of POD Products available for Christmas Day

Christmas is one of those grand celebrations where everything has to be perfect! It is also a time when everyone purchases something either for themselves, their family, their friends, their colleagues, etc. It is a mass celebration in the majority of the world. Therefore, during this time businesses try to offer their best or the most lucrative products.

POD businesses aren’t an exception. Due to their unique business model, POD businesses have much more freedom in bringing out the most creative and amazing products during this time. Here are some of the best POD products offered during Christmas o-

1. Clothing and other Printed Apparel – Christmas is in December, which means it’s very cold during this time. T-shirts aren’t much effective during Christmas. Clothing like Hoodies, Jackets, Mufflers, Socks is more demanding during Christmas. Another unique product during Christmas is Beanies, many people love it and consider it fashionable apparel. Other popular products –

  • Bodysuits
  • Scarves
  • Blankets
  • Pajamas
  • Leggings, etc.

These printed clothing are popular during Christmas is because of the weather and how easily you can print on them. Print-on-demand all about brings out those unique and creative designs and these clothes fit perfectly as a blank canvas for those unique designs.

2. Decorations – There is no Christmas without decorations. More or less every house has its way decorating their houses and print-on-demand has somethings to offer as well. POD products like Framed Paints are quite popular during Christmas. Other popular decorative products:

  • Art Board Prints
  • Photographic Prints
  • Posters
  • Wall calendars
  • Wall Decors, etc.

3. Personalized Gifts – These gifts are generally bought for someone else- family, friends, co-workers, etc. As the name suggests, these gifts are very personalized and often are given to those who have a good level of connection and bonding with the shopper. For example, engraved jewelry is one of the best forms of a personalized gift. And it is also one of the most purchased POD products during Christmas. Everyone likes to give something special, engraved jewelry truly brings out the specialty of the product. Other popular forms of personalized POD gifts are –

  • Photo Mug
  • Personalized Pint Glass
  • Customized Clock
  • Customized Bracelet
  • Gift Cards
  • Post Cards
  • Picture puzzle
  • Photo tumble, etc.

4. Printed Accessories – Printed products come in various forms and shapes, not necessarily mugs and t-shirts every time. Customized accessories are extremely demanding during Christmas because of its attractive features, personalized style, and portability. Some of the most popular printed accessories are –

  • Tote Bags
  • Backpacks (Travel/cosmetics/etc./)
  • Neckties
  • Yoga mats
  • Badges
  • Customized pillow covers
  • Aprons
  • Ornaments, etc.
This blog can help you to make Million Dollar Christmas this year 3

Market Value or Expenditure of Christmas

According to NRF, Americans are expected to spend at least $1 trillion on Christmas this year. US consumers and shoppers have said that they plan to spend an average of $942 on Christmas gifts this year – that is $57 surplus than the previous year.

As indicated by the report performed by the NRF, Americans were anticipated to spend more cash on gifts in 2020 than they did at some other time. According to a recent study, American grown-ups anticipated spending roughly $942 on gifts per individual, up from $885 per individual in 2018, with all out-occasion spending surpassing $1 trillion across the country.

In any case, 7% said that they would spend nothing on gifts, and 3% were uncertain. These assessments were not characteristic of real spending, which really will, in general, be higher than conjectures. Occasion deals were relied upon to increment somewhere in the range of 3.8% and 4.2% more than 2018—$727.9 billion to $730.7 billion, as indicated by the National Retail Federation

According to the above study, in 2019 the breakdown on gifts purchased was –

  • 37% spent at least $1000 on gifts.
  • 21% spent between $500 and $999.
  • 27% spent between $100 and $499.
  • 3% spent less than $100.2

Potential Customers for POD Products during Christmas

Technically Christmas is deemed as a religious celebration for the Christians. However, in the majority of the houses in America, Canada, France, Australia, the UK and in many other European and American countries, it is more or less celebrated by everyone. Therefore, customers are technically every family or individuals living in those countries.

Since it is a mass celebration, there are several ways how we can segment our target customers – age, gender, income, buying behavior, etc. These are all demographic and psychographic elements of the shoppers.

Age:  The age range can begin from 20 years old and end at the least 80 years old.

Gender: We can dive both the genders equally into segments since it is a mass celebration.

Income: You can aim your products based on your customer’s income ability. Since it is a mass celebration, every household will try to purchase something. And there are various classes of families living in a country. You can target your products according to their purchasing ability or income.

Symbols and Elements of Christmas

Traditional Christmas Symbols and elements include Trees symbolizing everlasting hope, bells as a guide to the lost, candles as the holy light of Jesus, gifts as a symbol of love and kindness, angels as a proclamation of the birth of Christ, holly plants signifying immortality, wreaths symbolizing never ending-ness, Candy canes representing the good shepherd, Stars as the shining hope of mankind and Santa Clause himself.


Christmas is undoubtedly one of the largest celebrations in the world. It is also the most commercialized and profitable occasion for businesses. The POD businesses have been extremely well by targeting Christmas with their promotional offers and product designs.

Generally, the POD business has more freedom in doing trial and error and bringing out quality products in the market. That is exactly how they are profiting from the market with their product ideas and marketing strategies.

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