These 10 Tools Will Amplify Your Twitter Marketing



Twitter is a very dynamic platform that enables brands to do their promotion and reach their target audience rapidly through a series of tweets, re-tweets, and hashtags. To keep up with such fast-paced and active promotion, developers have come up with third-party marketing tools for Twitter that help the marketers with their account management, scheduling, automation, and tracking of all their Twitter accounts.

However, it is not easy to pick tools that will be beneficial for you because there are thousands of tools out there and not all of them provide quality service. Some are very poor in quality while others are just an extension for Ads. It is pretty much a waste of time to pick every tool and see if it works properly or not, that is why we have come with a comprehensive list of twitter marketing tools that will provide the best possible service.



It is a must-have for every marketer who uses twitter as a platform to have a tool that provides URL shortening services. helps to shorten to URL’s that needs to be shared among multiple twitter accounts. You can do the sharing through as well and observe the progress and the stats through the dashboard. To obtain the stats for your links you have to plug in a API key through the Tweet Deck, Seesmic, and Twitter feed. Furthermore, you can use to create your own custom short domain that you can use for multiple purposes.


– links last forever. They do not have any expiration date.

– Ease of Use

– Link Branding


– People are nervous enough about viruses, spam, etc.


Twitter is a diverse tool that helps you do many things. This tool helps you to stay engaged with your followers through either by sending ‘thank you’ message to those who retweet your tweet or welcome a follower who follows your Twitter profile. You can use this tool to search for your most active and keep engaged with them. This tool can help you to re-schedule your tweets as well. can be used to automate to increase the followers by the thorough engagement of the twitter profile. (free version) can help you to interact with almost 20 people at once. This will give you an overall idea of your twitter marketing campaign.


– It Keeps Your Twitter Page Fresh

– It Helps Feed Traffic to Other Pages

– The ability to automate certain functions, as a social media agency this means the time spent        managing client accounts is reduced but with no impact on quality of work.


– The user interface, especially if you use it for multiple accounts, can be a bit difficult to navigate

– The number of emails received from when you use the free version is incredibly             frustrating 1-2 per day.

– The interface is very ‘busy’ and takes a while to get used to.

3. HootSuite


Yet another twitter marketing tool that helps with the better engagement of the profile. This tool provides fantastic management for twitter marketers. If you have a small number of twitter profiles to manage, like 5 or 6, then this tool is one of the best out there. The free version of this tool works very efficiently and smoothly when working with a small number of accounts.

The paid version or pro version allows you to work with an unlimited amount of profiles, it doesn’t have a limitation. In the paid version, you can analyze the enhanced analytics of your Tweets. The paid version only costs about 99 USD per month.


– Manage Accounts Multiple Streams

– Auto Schedule Posting

– Lots of Apps

– It can easily make analytics reports for your social media properties


– Manage The Bill Can Get High With Extras Apps

– Auto Scheduling Problems ( minor bugs)

– There is a monthly or yearly fee for using HootSuite’s Pro or Enterprise plans. Can be a $100+ a year.

4. Buffer


Buffer allows you to plan your tweets in the most sorted out way possible, as it helps you in dealing with your Tweets by giving them a chance to get spread throughout the day.

Through this tool, you can analyze, during which time of day your post gets the most attention and post accordingly. The tool helps you to understand your audience and their demands more; you will be able to understand what they like or what they dislike.


– With one easy click, you’ll be able to share content and schedule posts via Twitter, Facebook,        LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

– Lets you select your default shortener as the well-known, and also offers and

– Clean and simple layout


– No monitoring tools for mentions, searches, and hashtags, so you’ll have to monitor these from another tool or through the networks themselves

5. AgoraPulse


Agoraplus is one of the most comprehensive and diverse twitter marketing tools out there. It has a built-in social media calendar which can help you schedule your post. It can repeat whatever tasks you give it, for example, re-scheduling and posting again. It can act as a monitoring tool that will enable you to observe all tweets that share articles from your website or blog. It is likewise very valuable in dealing with numerous social media profiles.


– It offers a Chrome extension.

– Can get rid of trolls, delete spam very easily.

– Has its own template.

– Its team feature allows you to assign Tweets to your team members easily.


– Can be expensive

– Not an Enterprise Level Tool

– No Unified Feed or Report

6. CoTweet


There are mainly two basic versions of CoTweet, the free version, and the enterprise version. Regardless of which version you use, this tool can help you engage, track, and analyze Twitter conversations in the most efficient way possible. The free version offers the following –

– Management of Twitter accounts

– Interaction with multiple users

– Track clicks and limited analytics

– Schedule tweets

– Keep conversation history for 30 days and many more.

The enterprise version offers integration with Salesforce, workgroups, advanced user roles and permissions, full analytics with just 1,500USD per month.


Twitter is one of the unique twitter tools out there, mostly because of its interface and how it collects the tweets. stores the tweets in a newspaper format. You can share these tweets on your profile and it will come off as a newspaper article style. This tool is considered to be one of the most refined tools to collect and store tweets from either your follower or from those who use hashtags for specific purposes.


– Useful in driving traffic to the websites from top users

– Good exposure

– Great way of attracting new clients


– Can’t be monetized

– Only as good as the contents it curates

8. SocialOomph


The feature this tool provides includes schedule tweets, engage Twitter profile, track keywords, interact multiple accounts and many more. This tool is optimized to send welcome DMs or greetings to new followers.

Its professional or paid version costs 29.97USD per month but in return, you get some additional benefits, such as Facebook scheduling, spam removing, tweet via email, broadcast DMs to all Status and many more.


– Auto send DM to new followers

– Send recurring tweets

– RSS Feed to tweet


– Need to upgrade scheduling post option.

– You can’t pick a preview image if the link isn’t live makes it impossible to truly preview what your post will look like.

9. Tweriod


By signing up to Tweriod, you basically give the administration access to your Twitter record and it gets down to business, examining the execution of your previous 200 tweets, your followers’ past tweets, and those of the users you follow. In a few minutes, it produces a report which you can see online at your Tweriod dashboard. The free version of Tweriod is compiled to 1,000 followers and just gives you a chance to create a report once every month. The Premium version is accessible in a month to month service starting at $4 or for one-time reports. Tweriod’s report is presented in a neat, clean layout that’s easy to comprehend.


– Detailed reports

– Smooth Interface


– No tweet scheduling

10. ManageFlitter


By Manage Flitter is used by the marketing department and mainly helps to follow the community of followers on social networks. It also allows segmentation by different criteria and carries out policies of follow-up on Twitter. It is a simple tool to keep track of your twitter following.

You can use it once a month to clean up those who no longer are active on the platform as well as those who might have been unfollowed.


– Audience Segmentation.

– Followers filter.

– Followers’ management.


– Influence filters.

– The free version of this tool only works great for a small number of accounts.

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