10 of the Best SnapChat Marketing Tools


Snapchat initially started off as a playful social media mostly app for the millennial and the youth. What differentiated snapchat from other social media app was its unique ‘disappearing message’ feature? Many people were drawn out due to this feature except the brands or online business, mainly because they could not yet still figure out how to reach out to their customers in this platform. Brands initially thought why they should create content for this platform if they are going to disappear anyways.

It took them a while but they finally cracked the code! Mostly thanks to snapchat’s immense growth since 2012. As snapchat evolved, it created many formats and filters that offered many businesses to reach their customers here. Currently, Snapchat has over 158 million daily users; snapchat has become a platform to recognize to connect with their followers. To help out the marketers, here is a comprehensive list of some of the best snapchat marketing tools out there.

 1. GhostCode


GhostCode is a tool that helps snapchat marketers find other people like them and connect with them. By collaborating, it helps both of their business and Snapchat channel grow. Through this tool, you can find various snapchat influencers and content creators. You can filter out and find your desired snapchatters by interest and preference.

 2. Storyheap


Storyheap is a standout amongst the most fascinating Snapchat tools that assistance you deal with your Stories.

This tool offers countless layouts that enable you to make great Stories straight from your dashboard. Storyheap can help you analyze how your Stories are performing.  You can also view individual reports; and upload, schedule, and publish your Story directly from the tool.

 3. Pepper Filters


If you’re aware of geofilters then you already probably know how useful this tool is. Pepper Filters can create customized geofilters for you, which allow you to customize your photos however you like. The tool offers a wide possibility of simple to flashy backgrounds, formats, content impacts, and illustrations that let you add a punch to your one of a kind pictures.

The filter can be utilized by anybody Snapping inside the scope of 30,000 square foot circle which makes it perfect for local gatherings, bars, and occasional events.

What’s more? The filters are pre-tried and as of now acknowledged by Snapchat. You simply need to download the geofilter and submit it to Snapchat.

 4. Fastory


Snapchat has always been about sharing information through a form of storytelling and through this tool you can do it even more easily. If your business is required to form a campaign in snapchat, Fastory can offer you that. This tool can specifically customize your stories for mobile devices with high optimization.
 This tool can help you create the perfect stories that capture the attention of your audience and engage them and give exposure to your brand.

 5. Delmondo


For statistical analysis, delmondo is the tool for you. It offers all kinds of information that it gains by performing an in-depth analysis of your snapchat profile. It observes all your marketing campaigns and keeps track of all the content published.
It can measure and compare performance with your previous campaigns. In the end, it reports everything in its dashboard that you can visit anytime. It also has the capability to share info with your clients and followers; it saves a lot of time for you.

 6. FilterPop


If you’re searching for new followers or clients, then filterpop can assist you in various ways. FilterPop is a Snapchat Geofilter graphic station shop. Snapchat has a lot of restriction and limitations so its not that easy to find new followers or clients. However, with filterpop you can create different geofilter designs to expand your Snapchat list by associating with relevant Snapchat creators and influencers.

 7. Snaplytics


With Snaplytics, you can create professional and engaging stories without putting in a lot of effort. From creating content, to distribution, to measuring impact and delivering insights, this tool covers everything. Snaplytics will help you measure and compare your performance and give you an idea on how you’re doing.

 With this tool, you can manage multiple snapchat accounts and pre-schedule post on every one of them and post simultaneously from all accounts. It’s special feature is its competitor analysis, through which you can gain valuable insights on your competitors.

 8. Mish Guru


Mish Guru makes it easy to schedule, measure and optimize your Snapchat Stories. Mish guru is web based and has a dashboard for its management and analysis purpose. You can naturally catch approaching Snaps and add them to the Story or post them to other informal communities. This feature can enable you to find new clients and influencers.

 9. Snapchat Ads


Just as the name says, snapchat ads is a powerful ad manager tool that helps you with all kinds of marketing campaigns in snapchat and the advertisements in it. You can design, manage and run your own advertising campaigns very easily.

Snapchat ads have valuable features that help you reach your desired audience and engage with them efficiently. You can measure and analyze your campaign results as well. The tool is very easy to use and you can also share many things from the web through this tool. How ads are shown - through 10 seconds vertical full-screen video ads on Snapchat.

 10. Captiona


Captiona can be every content marketers best friend if it is utilized properly. Captiona generates idea for your snapchat captions. Captiona can help you generate as many captions as you want.

To find you desired caption, just put in the correct keyword that relates to your content. After putting the keyword, captiona will generate many captions, you can either direct copy/paste the captions or get a idea from it and generate your own captions. It is never wise to directly copy/paste the exact captions generated from captiona, it is best to tweak it a little bit and come up with your own version of it. Originality triumphs every other type of contents out there.


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