Best 27 Print on Demand Platforms in 2021

Best Marketplace for Print On Demand Business

This article will let you know about the best 27 Print on Demand Platforms elaborately. Everything in this world that can be printed on is part of POD. For example, T-shirts, mugs, bags, stationery, etc. Print on demand (POD) is often considered as a canvas that can monetize your creativity. It means that if you have creativity, you can sell it with some additional marketing and designing skills.

Every customer wants something different and POD as a business has that capability to cater to every customer individually. That is why POD excels the most, because of its one-to-one business model. But who are the people answering to these customers? Below, we have compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best print on demand platforms who are offering the POD service –

1. Printful

Printful is one of the very first successful prints on the demand service provider. They were established in 2013 and since the beginning, their service or business model was different than their competitors. It is one of the major reasons why they are still at the top of the POD game. Their business model is mostly aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs.

Even if you sell your products at other e-commerce platforms, if you communicate with Printful, you can redirect your orders from other sites to Printful itself. The rest of the work, e.g. printing, packaging, shipping is done by Printful itself. Printful allows you to custom brand your products.

It means you can label your products under your brand despite the production being done by Printful itself. This is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs to promote their brand even further to their customers. So, what can you print through Printful? Everything that can be printed on! For example, clothing, wall décor, posters, accessories, engraved jewelry, and so on.

How does Printful Work?

The first step is to open an account in Printful. After you have set up your user profile, you can integrate your eCommerce platforms with Printful. You can integrate multiple e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, Ecwid, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, Weebly, Big Cartel, Magento, etc.

After you have connected your e-commerce stores with Printful, you can see all your products. And when the customers place their orders, Printful will print the products from their factory and deliver it to the customers themselves. In between, production and delivery, they will custom label your products on the packaging.

When the product is ready for shipping, you will get notified and you will also get notified after it has been delivered. The package will look like your brand has personally delivered the products to your customers. Online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay can also integrate itself with Printful. Therefore, you will have no problem selling your products from any sites.

Is there a Printful App?

Yes, Printful also has its own app. It has a very simplistic and user-friendly interface. You can directly manage your store from the app. Through this app, you can track your orders and contact the Printful support division very easily. The app is very useful and it’ll keep you updated about every information on your products. You can find the app on Google Play Store and IOS apple store.

2. Zazzle

Zazzle is a great print-on-demand platform that is famous for its amazing customization options. You can customize your store to the micro-level, let alone the products. Its production capacity is also very large, you can customize more than 1300+ designs. Zazzle as a marketplace is very generous. They offer lucrative discounts based on monthly sales from your store. This encourages customers to purchase more of your products.

There are no pricing restrictions on Zazzle. You can set the price as you like with at least a minimum profit margin. Zazzle handles everything from production, shipping, packaging, payment, after-sales support, etc. Zazzle has this program called “Name your Royalty”, which lets you set your profit range.

Within Zazzle, you will find useful marketing tools that will assist you to promote your product as well as your store itself. It will also help you to create daily/weekly/monthly sales reports so that you can evaluate your store’s performance yourself. Moreover, Zazzle has its help center inside the platform which will help you solve any minor to moderate issues without contacting customer support centers.

How does Zazzle Work?

The first task is setting up an account in Zazzle. It is very simple, you visit the site, click on sign up and fill up the required information. After setting up your account, you will be given 3 options to choose the account type: Designer, Affiliate or Maker. Each of these 3 accounts has different purposes. Moreover, each account comes with its set of tools and other basic functions. Depending on your business model, you have to choose an account type.

Designer: You upload your designs on the site, then you pick the product you want your designs to get printed on. Then you post your ready products up for sale. The rest of the work will be done by Zazzle. You will get notified to track your products.

Maker: Here you can manufacture your product and put them up for sale in Zazzle. You will have to handle production, packaging, and shipping. Zazzle will act here as a medium for promoting your products to potential customers. You can do the marketing and promotion as you like as Zazzle has a variety of tools to work with.

Affiliate: Here it does not matter if it’s not your product. You will earn a commission for every unit of product you sell through the affiliate links. You can select a wide range of products available on the platform and sell through the dedicated affiliate links to your customers.

3. Printify

Printify began as an 80-person startup way back in 2015. After establishing itself as an innovative on-demand printing company, they have encouraged entrepreneurs to establish their Print-on-demand store in Printify. They took away the hassle of literally everything – starting from manufacturing to printing, packaging, labeling, shipping, customer support, etc.

Printify’s business motto is telling the entrepreneurs/store owners to focus only on product designing and building their brand, Printify will handle the rest. When Printify came into the market with this mission statement, designers and marketers were attracted by what Printify is offering.

Printify has a flexible pricing method for store owners to charge their customers. They can set up their pricing methods based on product designing which at least serves the minimum profit margin. Printify is different because most of the platforms don’t allow the store owners to set their profit margin.

How does Printify work?

The whole Print-on-demand process may be complex but Printify has made it easier for the store owners as well the customers to sell and purchase their desired products. The first step is creating an account in Printify. There are 3 types of accounts you can set up in Printify: Free, Premium, and Enterprise.

The free account as the name says does not require you to pay anything. You will get to do unlimited designing and 5 stores per account. The Premium account will cost you $29/month but it will give you 10 accounts per store and unlimited designs to work with. The Enterprise has custom pricing depending on your business type. Here you can have an unlimited number of accounts with an unlimited number of designs to work with.

After choosing the account type, the rest of the process is quite easy. You select the types of products you want to sell. It can be clothing, it can be accessories, it can be customized jewelry, it can be anything you can print on! After selecting your product type, you will need to start working on your product designs.

There are no restrictions on designs, you can choose whatever you find creative. Then add these prepared products to you and start promoting them. After a while, customers will start to purchase these products.

4. Redbubble

Redbubble is a global online platform for print on demand products and services. It is one of the most visited online marketplaces according to Alexa’s Traffic Rank. Apart from its amazing products and services, it also has a colorful and vibrant website. It does justice to its name because whenever you visit their website, you will be splashed with colors!

Redbubble gets a huge number of visitors, which means there are potential customers for every possible niche and product. Redbubble encourages aspiring entrepreneurs and designers to promote and portray creativity in their work. Redbubble has its community of artists, designers, marketers, and business owners.

They are like one big family, which is why it is so much easier to connect with other fellow store owners. Redbubble offers more than 60 types of products from clothing to accessories to wall décor to engraved jewelry. As said above, Redbubble has an amazing website and it is not just for the colors. They have an elegant and easy to use interface with the fast uploading process.

How does Redbubble work?

Redbubble is free to join, which means you don’t have to pay anything to open an account there. It’s very easy to open an account there. It’s just a regular sign up process with filling up personal information. After creating an account, you have to set up your store inside the platform. You can design your store however you want with any kind of theme.

Then, you can start uploading your designs in the store, you can choose a product type and combine it with your design. Afterward, you have to add the product to your store and put them up for sale. Redbubble will handle the rest of the work for you from production to shipping.

However, Redbubble doesn’t offer free shipping but they offer top-notch service. The cost depends on the location and shipping type. Redbubble offers varieties of payment methods which makes it easier for store owners to receive payment regardless of geographic location.

5. Fine Art America

At the beginning of the article, we have mentioned that Print on demand is often considered as a canvas that can monetize your creativity. Even though it was in a hypothetical sense which meant you can explore your creativity to the fullest, “Fine Art America” an online platform brings those words in the most literal sense.

Fine Art America is a fulfillment service provider that digital artists can use to sell their original works. Digital Art is a significant branch of Print on demand. Many artists are using POD to earn their living by selling their works through Fine Art America.

Fine art America is a global platform. It has 14 distribution centers in 5 countries: Scotland, England, USA, Australia, and the Netherlands. Many artists search for alternative ways to frame their canvas with colors other than hard canvas or framed prints.

And it’s not mandatory to sell your works in digital canvas only, you can sell it on bath towels, posters, wall décor, pillow covers and of course canvas as well. This platform doesn’t print on apparel/clothing.

How does Fine Art America work?

Even though this platform caters to a different type of individuals or business, its print on demand process is as similar to most of the platforms. The first step is to create an account on the platform. It’s quite easy, you click on sign up and then fill up the required information. Afterward, you have to set up your user profile with personal and store information.

One great thing about this platform is that you can license your artworks here as well as sell the rights to someone else. Fine Art America only uses its site to offer its service. Therefore, you cannot integrate other platforms or your other stores with this one.  You have flexibility in setting up the price and you can even sell your products for free!

6. GearLaunch

Since its establishment in 2014, GearLaunch has proven itself to be one of the best print-on-demand platforms currently in the market. GearLaunch offers fulfillment service, which means they will completely take over the responsibilities after you have made a sale. They are basically a one-stop platform where e-commerce merchants expand their business.

GearLaunch is currently operational in more than 10 countries and every country has its community of GearLaunch merchants. Each local community makes sure that every merchant is familiar with each other and GearLaunch officials. Every community holds quarterly or annual sessions with the merchants and GearLaunch officials so that they stay well connected with each other.

GearLaunch believes in zero inventory risk and zero startup costs. This is exciting especially for new and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and make a name for themselves in the industry. GearLaunch is a blank slate for sharing your creative flair.

How does GearLaunch work?

GearLaunch offers a wide range of products to be printed on; starting from clothes to accessories to engraved jewelry to wall décor etc. GearLaunch has proved itself to be different than its competitors because of the unique functionalities it offers. For example, through GearLaunch you can sell your products under your website!

This is a unique service that is unavailable to other platforms. Through GearLaunch, anyone can build their businesses with its simplistic yet elegant looking platform and Shopify integration. GearLaunch encourages business owners and entrepreneurs to only focus on growing their brand.

GearLaunch provides a fun experience for both the customers and store owners. Customers can easily find what they are looking for and store owners can easily portray creativity in their work. GearLaunch is still a growing company with increasing visitors every moment. They have potential customers for every possible niche and products.

7. Teespring

Teespring is currently a popular print on demand platform but initially, it started as an online store for a customized t-shirt. Here in Teespring, you can create your original design or work on an already existing design and improvise it to make it your own. Unlike many other platforms, Teespring requires you to have a minimum quantity required for printing.

The platform is quite challenging for new and upcoming online merchants and entrepreneurs. That’s because Teespring has a minimum sale requirement for the store owners to get paid. However, that is not necessarily a downside of the platform because Teespring has a good number of client bases and they get a lot of traffic on their website.

It’s just the site that focuses to be more competitive for the store owners. More competitiveness means the store owners have to put in more effort to make the sales. However, it doesn’t mean that beginners can’t sell here. In fact, beginners are encouraged more to start off their POD career. The platform offers many incentives for beginners with many tutorials and expert guides to kick off their POD career.

8. Society6

Just as “Fine Art America”, Society6 also focuses on art and aesthetics. Products sold in Society6 are identified as stylistic and aesthetic. For example, woven artworks wall décor and canvas prints, etc. are popular products sold in Society6. Accessories such as mobile covers, cases, stationery items are also popular here.

Artists and entrepreneurs are encouraged to sell their artwork through Society6 because the client base is just as connected with the niche as the artists are. Society6 is an amazing place for art lovers and people who just love to design.

It’s a functioning network and commercial platform where ability and quality can be found. Craftsmanship designs are the place they play out the best, and these are one of the fundamental reasons Society6 is so exceptional. Another cool Society 6 element is that specialists can become guardians and get a commission for prescribing and helping individual craftsmen sell more.

How does Society6 work?

Society6 has a solid spotlight on art and aesthetics and is an immense supporter of the network of artists, designers, marketers. The Society6 community encourages artists and designers to use this platform as a means for their income.

You essentially need to upload your work with the correct measurements on the website, select the items you need to sell your specialty on, and add the products in your store so that customers may realize where to discover your products. At the point when you join, you get your artistic store which you can redecorate however you want to fit in your niche.

9. Teefury

Teefury is not a large print-on-demand platform, however, they are good visitors on their website due to their unique marketing strategies. They have kept the website a very simplistic looking and user-friendly website. Their website portrays professionalism and elegance, which is why the visitors tend to stay on the website long enough to find their preferable store.

Teefury is very popular for customized clothing/apparel product line. For example, a T-shirt, Mufflers, leggings, Sweatshirts, hoodies, etc. Teefury focuses on creativity, inventiveness, and hard work. That is why they have a strong community of online merchants and entrepreneurs and this is what helps them to reach success.

Teefury has a strong connection with Google+ with a community of almost 2 million individuals. They are very trendy and very active on social media networks. They have a decent number of followers on every social media – Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, etc. Their social media communities are keeping the artist, entrepreneurs, and customers together.

10. SunFrog

SunFrog is a popular print-on-demand platform that specializes in clothing/apparel merchandise. They are a USA based company but they offer their services worldwide. They provide shipping to many countries and have local communities that keep the merchants, entrepreneurs, and the SunFrog officials connected with each other and their customers.

Their pricing strategy is very flexible for both the store owners and the customers. That is exactly why they get a good amount of traffic on their website. More than 4 million product designs are available in SunFrog for the customers.

Furthermore, SunFrog also has its own training programs in their virtual “SunFrog Academy” where you can learn so many things about Facebook Marketing, Google Analytics, Email Marketing, Pinterest Marketing, SunFrog Manager, etc.

11. Threadless

Threadless is a very unique platform but it has its own way of working. You can’t sell anything just by posting. First, you have to submit your product design in the community forum, if it gets selected by the community members through a voting procedure. Afterward, you can proceed to sell.

Even though the posting procedure is very inconvenient and rigid it ensures the best designs and quality. The platform will make sure you can reach out to your desired customer once your design is ready. The company is very keen on the talented designers and they want the customers to also get the best of products.

The Threadless community is extremely helpful as well. You can communicate with other members and share knowledge. You can easily set up your online shop on the Threadless platform.

You can customize your shop however you want. You can sell varieties of products from clothing/apparel to home décor. One of the key features of Threadless is that they ship worldwide. Therefore, you can easily reach the global audience through this platform. Thus, making Threadless a very unique and fruitful platform for designers and artists from all kinds of niche and skill level.

12. Design by Humans (DBH)

Design by Humans is not just a print on demand platform only. It unifies people from all sectors of arts and pop culture such as painters, designers, video makers, gamers, etc. It’s a diverse community for everyone with an interest in artistic ideas and designs. This platform contains designers who are working on various kinds of niche.

The platform prioritizes artists and designers who can design creative and unique designs. What the platform prefers can be realized just from entering the website itself. The design of the homepage portrays what the platform is all about and what it demands from the designers.

The designers get a commission from every sale and the commission increases depending on the number of sales you have made. The platform holds contests and competitions to keep the community engaged. And the winning artist gets more commission and the design is sold at a promotional rate to the customers.

The platform maintains a good profit margin for the designers to encourage more designs to use their platform. Design by Humans ship to more than 100+ countries with varieties of shipping and payment options for the customers. The DBH community has a common goal and that is to empower and encourage new and talented artists to take their design ideas global through this platform.

13. Moteefe

Moteefe was established in 2016 as a print on demand platform to empower entrepreneurs, designers, marketers, and influencers. The platform has a simple goal and that is to design your future. They want people to design something that will be even relevant in the future. You can sell from Moteefe through various marketing mediums such as their website, their physical store as well as a mobile application.

The process of selling here is quite simple. You first set up a store on the platform and then you design your product idea. Afterward, you upload the design in your store and promote your product/store according to your marketing strategies. The rest of the work will be taken care of by Moteefe. The Moteefe team will handle the printing, store maintenance, installments, after sell support, and shipping.

Moteefe then takes a little commission on every sale. The store owners can dispatch their own store with their own domain, and develop customer relationships. The platform focuses on being competitive for store owners.

More competitiveness means the store owners have to put in more effort to make the sales.  But it doesn’t mean that new designers are discouraged, in fact, they are more encouraged to join the platform and develop their skills and compete with skilled designers.

14. Amazon Merch

Amazon Merch is a print-on-demand T-shirt service. It works as a separate business from Amazon but it is still part of the company itself. If you’re a designer and you want to sell your designs, then “Amazon Merch” can be a wonderful platform. Its function is simple; you upload your design and save it in the T-shirt template zone.

You can choose your T-shirt’s style, color and set the price range however you want. You can update your product description and market your products however you can. Moreover, it does not have any upfront cost so you don’t have to pay for uploading your designs.

The main goal is to provide exposure to your products and let the people know that there are good T-shirts over here! When someone likes your design and wants to purchase it, Amazon will print it on a T-shirt and hand it over to the customer.

You will get profit on your T-shirts, you will get it by per T-shirt sold, and that’s why it is important to provide services keeping your customer demand in mind.

Merch by Amazon uses a tiered system to rank the designers, from beginners to pro. This means you can only sell the number of designs that have been assigned to your tier. For example, a beginner who just opened an account in Amazon Merch can only upload and sell 10 different designs. Higher the tier you move up, the more designs you can sell. The tiers are structured as follows –

  1. 10 designs
  2. 25 designs
  3. 100 designs
  4. 500 designs
  5. Pro (Invitation only)

So how do you move up the tier? It is quite simple actually; all you need to do is sell more! The more you sell, the more it’ll impact your tier level. Be that as it may, leveling up and moving up the tier isn’t purely based on sales only, there are more factors, for example, the quality of your T-shirt or the customer feedback. Everything counts and helps you to level up.

15. Viralstyle

Viralstyle is a great print-on-demand platform that many new and aspiring designers are relying on. It is a great POD platform to develop and sell your designing skills. One of the key USP is that Viralstyle has zero upfront cost. It means you don’t have to pay for anything to do business here. There are no subscription fees or any sort of hidden charges.

It’s just you have to give them a commission for each product you sell. Every type of cost starting from production to packaging to shipping will be handled via Viralstyle. The profit margin is very good even if you are new there. You can easily integrate it with Shopify through an app. You can set up your account in Shopify and use the services from Viralstyle.

 It is also very simple to use it directly from the website as well. All you have to do is open a new account, set up your store by filling in the necessary information, and then start uploading the designs. You are free to set your price. There are no restrictions. All you have to maintain is the minimum profit margin from each sale. Aside from these, Viralstyle also has a wide collection of types of products starting from clothing and apparel to home décor.

 16. Teechip

Teechip is one of a kind print-on-demand platform that allows you to create your custom domain for your store. The domain will be solely yours and you can use it to brand the products under your business. When you will set up your store, you will be given the option to choose your domain.

However, the domain name has to be approved by TeeChip, otherwise, you can’t use it. The custom domain is one of the key USP that sets Teechip apart from its competitors and many individuals who want to brand their product can easily do it from here. The purpose of this feature is to let the designers build their brand through their designs.

Teechip gives a platform to establish your brand without going through the hassle of owning a website and other things. The best part is that there is no fee or subscription. The upfront cost is zero. It’s completely free and the store is integrated with many upselling features. There are tutorials available on the platform that will guide from step 1 to the last step.

You can customize your store any way you want with lots of customizable themes and features. Teechip is still a growing brand with endless potential to become a top tier POD platform. The number of designers is increasing every day and the platform is getting optimized as well to maintain the balance.


Gooten is a reputed print-on-demand platform that has amazing product designs for customers on varieties of products starting from clothing to even accessories. Gooten is a great place for designers to try out new and innovative ideas. The platform allows the designers to give trial or test runs on varieties of products with different designs.

It’s a way of seeing how the design would do in the market. It’s a great way of putting out the best products in the market. If the product performs well, you simply add them to your store and put it up for sale.

You can do almost every design if time is abundant. Much like the top print-on-demand platforms, Gooten takes care of everything after you have made a sale in your store: starting from production to packaging and finally shipping under your own brand label. Gooten makes sure the best quality of products.

 As long as you design something good and promote it to your audiences, you will make a decent profit. The profit margin from each sell is quite good as well. The whole platform provides free services and there is no upfront cost. However, a commission from each sale will go to Gooten. Overall, it is a great platform to bring out fresh ideas and start working on it.

18. ShineOn

ShineOn is a print on demand platform that specializes in selling customized and engraved jewelry. There are many reasons why ShineOn chose jewelry exclusively for its print-on-demand service. More than 29 million people purchase personalized jewelry every day. And every business wants a slice of that pie. Jewelry is so diverse that the sellers have a lot to offer.

Thus, jewelry yields profit margins of around 25% to 75%. Now since jewelry is so diverse let’s dig into the gathering of options, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, rings, belly rings, and so on. Furthermore, customized jewelry has sort of becoming a trend during holidays and occasions to give as gifts.

The market for these products is very demanding and ShineOn has been very successful in this category. They were able to grab the market with their elegant designs and detailed engraved jewelry. Therefore, it is a great platform where online merchants can open up their POD store who benefits from selling jewelry.

19. Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt originated from Germany and eventually became a global print on demand business. Its growth since establishment (2002) is constant and linear. Their HQ is in Germany but they have multiple branches and production centers all over the U.S. They have expanded their business by competition with the top local POD service platforms in the U.S.

They have more than 18 markets globally with multiple languages in each market. They are prepared to cater to customers from every part of the world. The product variation in Spreadshirt is massive with more than 200+ products to choose from. They have clothing to home décor to accessories.

One of the key features of the Spreadshirt is that it promotes eco-friendly products and packaging. It basically empowers on greenery and nature. Through Spreadshirt, you can sell your products through your store as well as Spreadshirt’s own marketplace. The Spreadshirt marketplace is busy with customers. They hold campaigns and contests to promote the sellers.

So, it is a great place to start to earn some exposure and get renowned in the POD market. Furthermore, if you are new to print on demand, Spreadshirt has enough resources to guide you to your first sale and beyond. They have free and easy to use tools to grow your online store.

20. Merchify (Amplifier)

Merchify which was later renamed as Amplifier is a popular print demand company from the USA. One of the key features of Merchify is quality. Product and design quality is the top priority of Merchify. It is one of their key selling points.

They justify their high price on products by delivering equally quality products. They are one of the most expensive prints on-demand services in the market. They have molded their brand with quality and service. So, if you own an online store in Merchify, you are expected to showcase great designs.

Mercy has its own production centers where they produce, package, and ship your products to your customers. You are only expected to design and promote your products to your target market. The only downside is that their production houses are only US-based so it takes a longer time to ship products outside of the US with potential import fees. You can find their free plan in Shopify.

21. All over print

All over print is a print on demand platform that offers varieties of product printing options just as the name says. This platform is suitable for those who are new and want to launch its print on demand business successfully. They allow testing and trial run before you actually put it up for sale, so it allows the newcomers to put the best design in the market.

There are two ways to use AoP – free and paid. The free plan has every necessary feature to launch your store and sell products. However, their premium paid plans have their own benefits and extra features that help you to further upscale your business. The key feature of this platform is that it provides a low-risk way to sell customized printed products at an affordable cost.

 22. Café Press

Café Press is one of the oldest and established prints on-demand service platforms. Since its inception, the company grew and evolved into one of the popular POD platforms in the market. The product category available in Café Press is quite extensive. From clothing/apparel to various merchandise and accessories, Café press has everything.

Café press also allows uncommon products to get printed as well such as stuffed toys, calendars, metal products, clocks, etc. One of the key features of the café press is their very own “Fan Portal”. Here you can create your design from your favorite pop culture shows. It can be characters, quotes, and many more. Café Press has the rights so there is no issue of copyright infringement.

There are guidelines provided in the Fan Portal, so before you start designing from your favorite movie or series, make sure to read the guidelines properly. The process to set up a store here is very simple. The first step is signing up and providing the necessary information.

Then you will be allowed to open a store and customize it however you want. After you’re done setting up your store, you can start uploading your designs and start making sales. You will get access to the fan portal after you have properly set up your online store.

23. OGO

OGO is an Australia-based Print-on-demand platform that sells varieties of printed products from clothing to home décor. They have a very minimal upfront cost and it becomes zero if you use white label drop shipping. The process is very simple. You set up your store by visiting their platform. You can customize it however you want.

Afterward, upload your designs in your store and set the price as you like. There are no restrictions but you have to maintain a decent profit margin from each product sold. OGO will handle all the external work from production to shipping. However, you have to do your own marketing and promotion. You are responsible for reaching your target market.

OGO also provides a seamless path to integrate your OGO store with Shopify and other similar platforms where you can expand your market reach. OGO’s business motto is to design and promote, we’ll handle the rest. It means OGO will handle everything from production to shipping all the processes in-between.

They will handle the external work; you have to focus on designing and promoting. OGO can ship worldwide but their production centers are only in Australia so it takes some time to ship outside the country. However, they ensure that customers receive good quality products. Therefore, it is a great platform where designers and markets can make a decent profit.

 24. Wc Fulfillment

Wc Fulfillment is a print on demand platform which works mostly from its app and Shopify as well. It is one of the easiest platforms to use for online merchants. You can easily set up a store here and the rest of the work is quite simple too. Wc Fulfillment has both free and paid plans. The free plan has enough features to launch your business successfully.

The paid plan has some premium features that will help you to scale your business even further and help you save $2 per unit on each sale. If you are making large scale sales, this $2 could pile up and save you a lot of money. Wc Fulfillment has multiple production centers across different countries like the US, China, and other places in Europe.

So, customers get their product shipped quickly compared to many other POD platforms. Wc fulfillment offers varieties of products in their platform starting from clothing/apparel to home décor to merchandise and accessories.

25.  Pillow Profits

Pillow profits are a new and rising print-on-demand platform that has become quite popular for its services, features, and product variation. Their product variation is massive with more than 200+ available product categories. One of its key features is footwear. The majority of the print on demand platforms don’t necessarily have footwear in their product category.

However, Pillow Profits provides designers with designs for footwear as well. You can also integrate your online store with Shopify, WooCommerce, and other e-commerce platforms. Pillow Profits aims for a wider reach and better service than its competitors.

Pillow Profits doesn’t take extra shipping fees. The product price is inclusive of everything. Pillow profits ship globally as well. You also have full control of all your product that gets sold, which most POD platforms fail to give.

 26. Custom Cat

Custom cat is a print on demand company with one of the largest product variations with over 500+ categories. If you are a designer who likes to put his/her design on varieties of products, even the most uncommon as a clock, then a custom cat is what you are looking for.

They are in the market since 2006 and they have demonstrated expertise and competed even with the top tier print on demand companies. Custom cat has more than 12k active stores in the platform with impressive quality control with less than 1% replacement rate even though their production center produces more than 100k units/day.

Custom cat is based in the US but they ship worldwide. Custom cats can be fully integrated into Shopify, WooCommerce, and other e-commerce platforms. Custom cat tries to ensure the best product quality with their multiple printing options as it is required for 500+ product types.

Their shipment time for international products is also very less than its competitors which global sellers can easily benefit from. Overall, the key feature of custom cats is its wide variety of product categories, faster shipment, and higher profit margin for the sellers.

27. TeePublic

TeePublic is a print on demand service platform owned by Redbubble, which is another large POD company. TeePublic is US-based but it is active in multiple countries. They have more than 70+ product categories available on their platform. TeePublic specializes in print on demand products such as clothing and apparel.

The process of joining this platform is very simple. You can either join as a seller by creating your online store or by becoming an affiliate seller. You don’t have to create your designs if you’re an affiliate seller. The profit will be generated for each sell you make through the given affiliate links.

One of the key features of TeePublic is that it offers the designers to personally get hired by the customers. If a visitor likes your product designs, they can contact you personally to create designs for them. In many ways, the platform helps designers to flourish their career further beyond the platform.

They also have a great community of designers, marketers, and entrepreneurs. They are connected across various social platforms and online forums. If you stumble on any issues you can find help from the community apart from the TeePublic helpline co


Print on demand is one of those services where you can continuously learn and then monetize on those learnings. The industry is growing and evolving every day. The number of companies who offer print on demand services is also increasing.

Print-on-demand business is very competitive and each of the platforms has its special features and benefits. But how do we decide which one is best for our business? Well, here are some factors or criteria by which you can decide the best eCommerce platform for your business.

Product Quality – Never compromise on product quality. Make sure the platform doesn’t provide bad quality or defective products.

Branding – Many of the top POD companies deliver the products under the brand name of the seller. Make sure your POD company also does that. It will help your brand to establish in the market.

Price Control – Having the flexibility to set your price is a big advantage. It will help you to maintain a decent profit margin.

Avoid minimum order – This requirement is a big liability for those who are just starting their POD career. This is an unfavorable barrier so avoid the companies that have these criteria.

Minimum or Zero upfront cost – Having a minimum or zero upfront cost will help your business to establish with less risk. Many of the top POD companies offer absolutely zero upfront costs to establish and sell your products. So, look for those kinds of platforms or companies.


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