Best Print on Demand Product List for 2021

Best Print on Demand Product List for 2020

It’s 2021 and this article will let you know about Best Print on Demand Product List for 2021. It is rare to find individuals who do not like personalized or customized products for themselves or as gifts for others. Print of demand has expanded and become a huge industry mostly due to the large varieties of products that can be customized.

In the print of demand, the products are like an empty canvas waiting to be filled with arts from designers and artists. And the majority of the people prefer their products to have designs that they can relate to; something that feels personal and special.

That is why print on demand business is still growing and evolving. When you have an e-commerce store, you probably will want to sell the best products or the products that the customer wants the most.

In print on demand, many products are starting from a T-shirt to mugs to even something odd as a clock. Every product that can be printed on is part of the print on demand. So here is a list of the some of the best print on demand products that customers love and the business sells the most!

Clothing and Apparel

Best Print on Demand Product List for 2021 1

1. T-shirt

The custom t-shirt market is one of the largest industries not just in print on demand but in the general market overall. T-shirt is one of those products that is worn by all people of all demography. It is a mass product for the mass market. The global market is expected to cross the US $10B by 2025 according to a recent forecast.

As you can see that the industry is still growing even though it’s still a huge industry. One of the key reasons why the t-shirt is one of the best-selling POD products is because the t-shirt is much cheaper compared to other regular products. Moreover, the t-shirt is unisexual, it means it can wear by both the gender respectively.

Furthermore, you can go as much as creative as you want with the designs. A T-shirt is one of those products where you can put any type of design you desire. That being said, the better design will obviously sell more.

2. Muffler

Mufflers are underrated products and many businesses fail to notice the demand for mufflers from the right target market. Mufflers have been around for more than a century and it is very popular apparel in many European and North American Countries as well as some parts of Asia. Mufflers are usually considered winter clothing.

However, many people wear mufflers all around the year. Mufflers are considered to be part of certain fashion orders. You can also print any custom designs on mufflers as well. For example, the Harry Potter House mufflers are extremely popular in the global market. Similarly, there are many other mufflers’ designs that customers love. That’s why mufflers are very popular among the print on demand products.

3. Socks

Many of us know how creative socks designs can be. It’s clearly visible during Christmas. Socks are one of those apparel that can be highly customized with not just a design in the middle but on the whole pair of socks itself! Socks are amazingly popular among all ages of people from toddles to even the elders. It is a product for all ages, gender, profession, and every other demographical element. That is why it’s one of the best-selling prints on-demand product! The market demand for custom socks is especially high during winter especially from November to January.

Home Decor and Wall Paintings

Best Print on Demand Product List for 2021 2

1. Framed Prints

Aesthetic and beautiful framed prints have transcended from art galleries to even print on demand now. Framed prints are one of the most beautiful decorations available to décor your home. They are part of the wall art segment. Framed Prints fall underprint on demand due to so many different genres, types, and arts it has included. These framed prints are very popular among different types of customers such as art collectors, newly married couples, or simply people who just want to decorate their homes with art.

2. Posters

Posters offer similar aesthetics and designs but are much cheaper than framed prints. These are great too but framed prints are considered more premium than posters. They are also more sold than framed prints because of the price and how easily it attracts other types of home décor in the store. Posters are basically for everyone who likes something beautiful and creative in their home. It’s not necessarily for art collectors. Posters work as a doorway to other expensive wall or home décor in your store.

2. Metal Prints

Metal prints are a specialized type of wall art. It is a niche product and isn’t necessarily owned by general people who wants to decorate their home. These prints are very aesthetic and don’t come in the generic canvas prints. These are solid premium arts and only attracts those who are into metal prints. However, these are still very popular and POD stories who sell arts keep metal prints in their store.

Stationery Items

Best Print on Demand Product List for 2021 3

1. Journals and Diaries

Journals and diaries are the most common and most sold print on demand stationery products. According to a recent forecast, by 2025, more than 70% of the American household having a student will have a customized journal in their home. Journals are an important part especially of ta student’s life.

That’s why POD store owners have prioritized selling journals and hardcover customized diaries as their main stationary product. One of the key features of this product is that it is cheap compared to other POD products. Moreover, the hardcover makes it easy for designers to put whatever creative designs they want.

The more aesthetic and creative the designs are, the more it sells. The popularity depends on how relevant and creative the designs are. The target market is teens, pre-adults, and everyone who likes to keep a journal or diary with them.

2. Calendar

A calendar is one of those products that will never go out of production. They are repeatedly seasonal. They get expired and are produced all over again. Therefore, an increase in repeat sales of the same product. You can various creative designs by making a general theme. For example, you can create an entire year-long calendar design based on Star Wars!

When you make designs for calendars, you can make multiple designs up to 12 on the same them. By having the same design on every page of the calendar will lose its charm. So, make sure to design several different ones for every one or two months.

3. Greeting Cards

Great cards are a common purchase during various holidays, festivals and occasions. And every occasion has its own unique theme. Therefore, you can offer a different style with every page to your customers.

There is a great deal of potential in adding greeting cards to your online store. It very well may be speedy upsell you offer when customers are purchasing an item on your store as a present, or you can make themed cards to target enormous occasions, birthday events, and life occasions.

Personalized Gifts

Best Print on Demand Product List for 2021 4

1. Engraved Jewelry

Engraved Jewelry is one of the customized items that emit a premium vibe to the customers. The production procedure is effective and very aesthetic nowadays. The production procedure permits you to make moderate and smooth looking gems that draw in the customers with the premium feeling and considerable price.

Engraved Jewelry deals are forecasted to reach $275 billion by 2020, and 645 billion out of 2035. This information says that people are purchasing jewelry and ornaments like never before! The future of jewelry is also looking very positive.

Furthermore, jewelry is considered to be timeless as they are available and bought during any time of the year. Moreover, personalized jewelry is highly demanded during any occasion or holiday as people like to buy/gift something very personal.

2. Mugs

Saving the best for the last! Customized mugs have been popular since the birth of print of demand. More than 90% of the household in the US have personalized mugs in their home. Mugs are one of the top gifts during occasions like festivals or special holidays. Countless gift shops sell mugs across every major street.

Mugs are the go-to gifts for anyone who has trouble picking a gift. Print on demand has made designers print whatever creative design they want to print on mugs. From “Worlds Best Mom” to aesthetic space designs, mugs have them all!

3. Clock

As unusual as it sounds, clocks are one of the most creative prints on-demand products available in the market. It may not be the best-selling products but it has certainly attracted a larger number of customers for the new unique designs that can be printed on them. If you are someone who is looking to design something creative, you can certainly design for clocks!


Whenever someone opens up a new online e-commerce store, its normal to be confused about what to sell. Print on demand has a huge list of product categories, it is not possible to sell everything. What you want to sell mostly depends on your business model but when you’re just starting its easy to lose track. Therefore, starting off with selling products form above the list is an effective way to enter the e-commerce business.


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