Chatbot Technology and How Does it Work in Business

Chatbot Technology

The evolution of artificial intelligence has made many technological developments and led to potential discoveries and creation. One of them is the rise of chatbots. Chatbots have existed for decades, but businesses recently started to utilize their benefits. Chatbots got their deserved limelight thanks to Facebook messenger.

So what exactly is a chatbot? It is basically a software program that initiates a conversation with human users over the internet. These chatbots are primarily used in chatting platforms but businesses have also adopted it on their websites as well. 

Chatbots are autonomous so there is no need to assist it anyway. It communicates with the users through text messages. It acts as a virtual companion.

Chatbots are generally two types –

1. Scripted Bots

The scripted bots are built in a way that it only responds to the users as it is scripted. For example, if your chatbots are only designed to respond to a certain keyword, like a specific question or something, it will respond to the human user as the developer of the bot intended to.

Chatbot Technology and How Does it Work in Business 1

Basically, all the answers are pre-written by the developer. If you design the bot to only reply to “Good Morning”, then your bot will only respond to that only with the pre-written reply. Each of these commands is written by the developer. The A.I powered bots are called smart bots as well.

2. A.I Bots

They rely on artificial intelligence when they communicate with human users. They don’t need any pre-written replies, they respond on their own with their acceptable suggestions.

Chatbot Technology and How Does it Work in Business 2

Then again A.I bots are not magical beings, so they also need to be designed with commands from the developer. A. I bots won’t produce the best experience just yet; however they are still relied on heavily. Moreover, it needs high maintenance.

How does it help in Business?

So, how does a business benefit from chatbots? If you have a large enough business with various social media platforms and websites, it gets tough to respond to everyone. With so many queries and questions comes from multiple customers, it gets tough.

Chatbots can tend to multiple queries and respond very quickly and efficiently. They can process multiple tasks quite faster than most individuals. Consumers are also somewhat lured in by chatbots due to their fascination with technology. It sparks the curiosity of both the customers and the developers.

Developers can explore the capabilities of the ever-growing aspects of artificial intelligence. Chatbots also keep bothering customers busy by amusing them, mostly in case of smart bots.

Main Benefits of Chatbots

Chatbots simplifies the process of searching info regarding the services an organization provides. Moreover, it checks their merchandise accessibility, store locations, build reservations or bookings, and assess the customer’s expertise with the service.

Chatbots can be integrated into any third-party chat platforms like slack, telegram, etc. They also work on websites and authority sites as well. Furthermore, Facebook messenger which is the most dominating chatting platform currently has the largest portion of chatbots. You can command it any way you like.Chatbots in business is largely used in customer service. It is not always possible to hold 24/7 instant customer service. In order to satisfy the client with the fastest possible replies with correct information, chatbots are greatly dependent on. Customer services largely impact how a business or an organization runs.

Another important factor of chatbots is that it never gets tired or anything. Most customer service employees will generally put the client on hold for some time before actually engaging with them. However, it is not the same case for chatbots. With chatbots, all this can be done for multiple customers quite fast and efficiently.

A full functioning chatbot cost way cheaper than creating a cross-platform app or hiring employees for multiple tasks. A single individual may only respond to one to three clients at a time simultaneously. However, with chatbots, it is as many clients as possible. Implementing and integrating chatbots is much cheaper than you think. Chatbots are diverse workers who will tend to the customer’s need as they were commanded. It depends on how the developer wants to use it.

Chatbot Technology and How Does it Work in Business 3

Types of Chatbots

The best way to understand how a chatbot works is by actually using it. Many businesses and organizations are still adapting to what benefits chatbots can bring them. This technology is still in an early stage (A.I.). The potential is limitless.

Its capabilities continue increasing and there are some of the best chatbots created in the market. Below is a list of some of the best chatbots for business. For better understanding, try experimenting with all of them.


Lead Generation Bot

This bot is used to drive leads for businesses. It can collect personal information from the clients, like their email address or phone number, given that the clients provide them with it. They can store this information.


Survey Bot

The best type of bot that can help you gather surveys on clients. It is considered better than emails.



These bots provide news to whoever is chatting with them. It could be the weather forecast or any sporting events. It could also portray any breaking news like any major political or economic events. This works best if you have a news agency.


Restaurant Bot

These are the most popular bots out there. People tend to look for food more than anything, so when you knock a food joint in their Facebook or any other social media pages, the bots tend to reply to you initially. If you have further queries, then the human users take over from there.


Chatbots have significantly changed the online user experiences. They shifted users from complex websites and apps to a simplified bot with easy to use interface which is adaptable for everyone.

It takes low maintenance and will allow you to test different marketing messages. In short, it will let you experiment with various commands and replies. If you’re busy to reply to each and every query asked by your customers, then look no further. Chatbots are the key!


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