Design For Print On Demand Business? Here Are 6 Ways to Generate Your Design Ideas

Whether you’re a designer, supplier or someone with an online e-commerce store, design is the key element of your venture. This is where Print on Demand (POD) shines. POD is a continuously evolving market with so many people getting inside the industry and trying to work their way up.

However, it is quite tricky for someone who is new in the business. POD is a massive industry that explores the creativity and the knowledge of the people working here. There are so many things to learn and so much information to gather. For example, who are your audience or what niche should you focus on next. These are some of the important factors that help you to generate design ideas for your POD business. We will explain in details on how to generate these ideas

Target Audien​​​​​ce

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You need to know your audiences before you launch your product in the market. You can’t hope sell a customized personalized pet t-shirt to a person who is allergic to pets. We’re not saying it won’t sell completely, we are saying the turnover will be really low. If you have selected a specific niche, you have to know the market demand behind your niche. For example, a t-shirt aimed at mothers only might have a lower turnover than a t-shirt aimed at “parents”. You have to do your research quite thoroughly when you have decided to work with a niche. You have to set a target audience.

There are many other ways you can distinguish your audiences, like their demographic, gender, profession, geographical location etc. Every niche is targeted towards a certain category of audience. If you have selected your preferred niche, you need to acknowledge the maximum number of audiences who will be willing to buy your product. The niche you have selected might have a lower but dedicated number of customers. Taking this into account, then you have to set your goals and target audience and start producing your product. This is an important factor that will help you gather ideas before heading into the market.

Product Research

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Your product design idea gathering process must acknowledge the type artwork you want to put in your product and what kind of message you want convey to your audience through your design. Let’s say you want to motivate your audience for positive energy and positive well being. In this case, you’ll probably be trying to look for ideas into places that promote motivation and positive energy. So you have to consider the artwork that will be printed in your product. Maybe you’ll choose an artwork that describes positive energy in an artistic way. Moreover, the type of message that will goes in the product matters a lot. You have to choose something that your audience will be easily able to consume it in their mind. Afterwards, if your audience likes it, the product will sell. This is also an important step that helps gathering ideas.

How to Gather Ideas

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Genuine idea that comes from the mind is the strongest value of your business. However, in order for these ideas to grow and evolve in your mind, external influences are required. These external factors help you to modify and generate the best possible ideas for your product design. Below we will be seeing how we can gather information from these sources and generate our idea.


​​​Google Images

The most common and easiest way to look up designs and ideas is the image section of Google search. Just type in whatever keyword or niche you choose, the search results will show images regarding your topic. Now these are the images that were made public by their uploaders. You might not find the best quality of results but you’ll definitely find results that’ll give you certain ideas. The search results are dependent on the keyword. Changing the keyword will change the search results.



Pinterest is somewhat an inspiration for all those designers that are searching for their motivation and inspiration to create their own designs. Pinterest is enriched with a massive collection of images. These images are categorized by keywords and specific niche.

You can find design ideas for your product if you look explore Pinterest with concentration. Pinterest have its own community, so it’s likely for you to get in touch those who are working with similar niche.



Amazon has its own enriched catalog of personalized products as well. For many years Amazon has sold print on demand products to its customers either as third party supplier or producer of products. Therefore, Amazon’s gallery of products is massive with a wide range of niche and ideas. Just type in your preferred keyword and you’ll find the type of products you are looking for.



Just like Amazon, you can also find your design ideas from Etsy.  Etsy has a massive gallery of personalized and print on demand products in its site. This is mostly because they act as both vendor and supplier for print on demand products. You can visit their website and check which products are selling hot! This will help you to gather ideas on the market demand behind various niches.


​​​Stock Photo Sites

Stock photo sites like FreePik, ShutterStock or Adobe Stock has countless designs in store for the business owners. A lot of e-commerce store owners use these pre-existing designs either by buying from the paid sites or altering them from free sites. Even if you don’t use their designs, you will find plenty of designs to take inspiration from. These sites have a wide range of designs that help the designers one way or another.


​​Spy Tools

Spy tools are used to identify the already popular designs that are selling hot in the market. It is basically a shortcut if you don’t feel like using your own design for your POD business. You can’t directly copy the designs; you can work on it and use it as a foundation to remake your own version of it. These tools will help you too to identify the designs and information regarding them. These designs help you to remake those designs as if it is an original design.


By now, you should be having a good idea on where to find inspirations to generate your own design idea. Success in this field is all about experimenting and failing and then finally coming up with an amazing design that’ll sell like hot pancakes!


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