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Dotcom Secrets is the book that can help to grow your online business like a pro. Every business nowadays is trying to grasp the concept of online marketing and sales. And why not? The online world is full of opportunities and it’s easier to grow your business here IF you know the process.

Selling and doing business online is considered to be art and in order to master this art, many tricks and methods exist. Thus, comes the book, “Dotcom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company with Sales Funnel”.

This book is written is by Russell Brunson, one of the founders of ClickFunnels. This book is mainly for two types of people –

I) those who want to start an online business from scratch and

II) those who want to scale their existing business.

This book showcases feasible and effective systems for selling products online. Dotcom secrets introduce many forms and dimensions to grow your company online which I will go in detail in the latter part of the article. Let’s begin with what Dotcom Secrets really is!

What is “Dotcom Secrets”?

Dotcom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company with Sales Funnel” is the first installment of Russell Brunson’s Secrets’ Trilogy. It came out way back in 2015 and the secrets that he talked about still hold strong meaning and it will probably in the future.

The book talks about lots of important terms that many marketers are unaware of. The main reason this book gained so popularity is because Russell Brunson is already an established businessman and entrepreneur and he has already established strong authority in what the book is all about. He has already achieved those and more.

So, he provided real-life examples that work so that the readers can visualize their own success and not just ready empty words of motivation. This book has already worked for so many entrepreneurs and markets and it’s really a valuable book for anyone who sells something online. The book is also very simple to understand. Any beginner can easily relate and not get confused.

Dotcom Secrets book

What’s Inside the Book?

The key point of this book is about helping the readers to understand more about how they can establish their online business. The book has 3 important standpoints –

  • Value Ladder
  • Funnel Hacking
  • The One Hundred Visitors Principle

Each of these focus points clarifies what methods the marketer/business owner must take to help their business.

1. Value Ladder:

The value ladder was the most interesting concept that was introduced in the book. The concept alone made the book stand out in the market. The concept that states how the business owner must visualize or map each step-in providing value to the customers. For example, every business owner will want to sell the most expensive product available in their stock.

However, the customers are highly unlikely to purchase that if they are not familiar with your brand or the products you offer. Therefore, in order to sell the most expensive or the most “value-driven” product, the business owner must first begin with something small of value that costs way less or sometimes is free.

This is how they ascend the price and value step by step. That’s why it is called a value ladder. You slowly ascend the price and value you offer your customer with something small comparatively and then climb with each increasing value. This is a major key to building a strong business and the book talks about it in detail by elaborating on the methods on how you can achieve that.

The book also explains with a real-life example on how you can identify your ideal customer in the value ladder. The main standpoint here is that you begin with offering cheap/free and of less value then you progress by continuing to upsell that person as you continue to provide more value.

2. Funnel Hacking:

‘Funnel hacking is a very popular concept that was introduced through ClickFunnels. Funnel hacking is basically legally copying your competitors’ sales or marketing funnel for your own business.

The book teaches you how to duplicate someone else’s successful funnel by reverse engineering it and using it for your own business. It’s not stealing or copying someone’s business model because that’s quite not possible.

You copy the structure of the funnel and then integrate your own modifications like targeting, copywriting, and other elements. It’s basically using the successful funnel but in your own business elements. The book explains everything there is to know about funnel hacking and how it should be done.

Moreover, the book also mentions how you can identify the funnel that is suitable for your business. Not every successful funnel will be suitable for your business. There are “secrets” on how to identify that and the book covers it.

dotcom secrets book

3. The One Hundred Visitors Principle

One of the simplest yet the most effective ways to know if your funnel is working or not. The One Hundred Visitors Principle incorporates the value ladder methodology and the book explains how it done with real-life examples. In short, you send 100 website visitors to your landing page. The conversion or the purchase rate will be 1% if the visitors are directly sent to purchase the product.

For example, if the price of the product is $100, for every 100 visitors, you will receive$100. Then, they started to give out gifts and free shipping charges and giving off something of the product for free. The purchase rate soon increased once the visitors got familiar with the products that the business sells. This is basically the standpoint of The One Hundred Visitors Principle.

Who is the Author?

The author is none other than Russell Brunson who is one of the founders of the funnel building software tool “ClickFunnels”. Russell Brunson is a visionary and an entrepreneur with his own company and businesses. He has been successfully living in this field for a long time now. He later completed the remaining two books of his trilogy – The Expert Secrets and The Traffic Secrets.


The book is really good for those who want to establish their business online. The book contains lots of real-life examples and feasible ways to achieve business goals. The contents are written in a way that the readers can easily visualize and map the process in their minds. Apart from the above 3 focus points, the book talks about many other aspects of funnels and doing business and how to achieve business goals efficiently.



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