GrooveFunnels Review – What it is & How it Works

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In the funnel market dominated by ClickFunnels, Kajabi, or HubSpot and a new brand has entered the competition with top-level features that can easily compete with the market leaders. And that is GrooveFunnels. It has been developed by the members of Groove Digital Inc. and was recently launched in June 2020.

Before GrooveFunnels was launched in the market, its CEO claimed that GrooveFunnels was created with groundbreaking technology that will help companies and businesses like never before. And they delivered what they said as GrooveFunnels was received positively by the majority of the users in the market. So, what exactly is it, and how it works? That I will discuss below.

What is GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels Review – What it is & How it Works 1

GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one platform that comprises a collection of software applications known as GrooveApps which are used to build websites and funnels. Inside the GrooveFunnels, we have tools such as GroovePages, GrooveSell, GrooveMail, GrooveMember, GrooveWebinars etc.

These tools are used to create landing pages, provide email service support, and many more! They first entered the market with their e-commerce service known as GrooveKart and later progressed with the other tools. Their most powerful and premium tool is called GroovePages.

What is GroovePages?

GroovePages is a website builder tool that can create landing pages, traditional web pages, and powerful marketing funnels. It is created with the latest technology that guarantees a high conversion rate. It’s the only tool in the market that can create both professional websites and a funnel-based website.

It means that you can not only create sales or landing pages but also about pages, the home page, contact page, etc. GroovePages offer more features such as blocks, webinar funnels, built-in professional and customizable templates, and so on.

GroovePages can create a website in such a way that the website will be optimal for making sales. With GroovePages, you can monitor and make changes in every stage of the customer’s buying journey inside your website.

GroovePages also have a dedicated dashboard so you can keep track of everything you do. Every edit, every change will get recorded in the dashboard. Therefore, you can easily check the history and edit the elements accordingly.

It has many other notable features like countdown timers, pop-ups, and many more. The CEO has claimed that many more features will be added in the next major software updates. The features will be very valuable for businesses and individuals’ users.

What Features Does GroovePages have?

As mentioned by the CEO, GroovePages was built with a brand-new technology to make it better than its competitors. The entire GroovePages application was built on a completely new framework, unlike its competitors which were built on bootstrap.

The new framework will help the web pages load much faster and make a user’s visit to a website more comfortable. Moreover, GroovePages also comes with “mobile-first indexing”. This means that the websites that are created with GroovePages will be highly optimized for mobile phones and tablets.

The mobile/tablet users will face fewer issues and more comfort in browsing these websites. Furthermore, if your website is listed in Google index, then the search engine will automatically prioritize your website in the search engine rankings over the websites which do not have mobile indexing.

Any individual with a little sense of designing can easily create websites by GroovePages. It’s super easy with its drag and drops feature. That being said, a website will look far more sophisticated if the designer is skilled. It gets trickier if you move around things too much but once you get used to the tools and tabs to work with, it gets easier.

You can create and customize the pages easily as GroovePages have countless templates to work within the premium version. The free version also provides a handful number of templates to work with. You can hide, clone, or delete pages with simple navigation.

GroovePages offer a good number of layouts that you can use to build your website. Every element of the template and layout is customizable from H1 headings to icons, backgrounds, borders, spacing, sizing, texts, and so on.

What’s more interesting is that you can modify each page for different devices separately. They also have free built-in blocks that you can easily drag and drop however you want and edit it however you want. You can add any type of content like text, images, videos, gifs, etc.

How does GroovePages Work?

GrooveFunnels Review – What it is & How it Works 2

In order to work with GroovePages, you first need to sign up for the GrooveFunnels suite. Then you will get access to GroovePages along with many other software tools. GrooveFunnels has a dedicated dashboard for everything. You’ll instantly know how to sign up once you visit the site.

Every tool is on the left side (where the dashboard is located). You can scroll down to view different applications. Once you’re in the site, you will be given the choice to continue with one of the following three plans –

i) Free Plan,

ii) Unlimited Plan, and

iii) Paid Plan.

I will explain in the later part what each of the plans offers to the users. Once you have chosen your desired plan, you can then proceed to create your website. GroovePages will show you different ways how you can create a website by working with the templates and layouts.

You can choose from the offered templates and start working on it. You can easily switch between the templates. If you don’t like one, you can always pick from the rest of what it is offered. The premium plans will obviously offer more resources like templates, layout, and many other things.

If you already own a couple of sites then you can search through the sites and find whatever you need. The dashboard will display all the sites you own or have control over. You can copy elements from your other site and add it to your new one. Once you enter the new website editing page, you will be given three important options – edit, clone, and delete.

How to Edit Websites with GroovePages?

Up to this point, we know what GroovePages is and what features it offers. Now, let’s look at how everything works inside the tool. We will be looking at the main website editor and its sub-sections. First, let’s see how the toolbar section works. Under the toolbar section, there are 4 major elements – Blocks, Pages, Elements, and Popups.

Blocks – This is the part where most of the works take place. This is where the built-in templates and layouts reside. The drag and drop feature allows you to take various types of templates and place them onto different pages.

You can customize these templates however you want and change the elements which suit your website. There are two types of blocks – the designed blocks and wireframe blocks. The designed blocks are more dynamic and have a different touch to it.

On the other hand, wireframe blocks are more static in nature. Each of the block types has its unique characteristics. Each block type is used in different situations. It depends on the type of website you want to create.

These blocks can be stylized and customized and can be placed in any part of the website. Some examples of blocks are – content blocks, call-to-action (especially if it’s a funnel-based website), contact and about section blocks, etc.

Elements – This is where you add the non-designed related but functional items in the web pages. For example, if you want to add a widget or a text link somewhere. The element section will guide you on how to and where to add these as well as what can you add as elements. You can easily integrate these functions into your web pages. If you want to embed a video or add an icon, it also falls under the element section.

Pages – This is where you can edit the entire page and add the details that help the SEO. You can change a lot of things here starting from the navigation menu to side menu. You can make changes to the URL and optimize it for performance.

In this section, you can edit, clone, add, delete, and rename pages here. You can set which page fits wherein the website and set one page as a homepage. The homepage here needs to be set perfectly as it is the face of the website.

You can also work on the URL here by optimizing and shortening it so that users will find it easier to locate your website from the search engines. One of the key features of the page section is that you can also do on-page optimization here like changing the meta tags or adding image descriptions.

The purpose of these changes and modifications are to tell Google what the content and the page are all about. If Google can easily understand what the content of the page is about then there is a better chance of appearing at the top of the search engine result pages when somebody types in that keyword in the search engines.

Popups – Just as the name says, this section of the GroovePages is used to create popups in the different parts of the website. There are mainly two types of popups – entry and exit. It depends on where you want to place it.

Generally, most websites place entry popups as it has a better chance of catching the attention of the user. However, many websites use exit popups that work for them as well. There are different types of popups you can generate on your website.

Some popups are directly connected with call-to-action. For example, a pop-up might appear and ask the user to give their email address in return for a free eBook. It’s one of the many types of popups. You can place the popups in a different part of the web pages using the drag and drop feature. You can easily integrate them with the web pages while you are editing the page.

The Settings Section

These are the extra functionalities that further helps you to create the optimal web pages. You can find this section in the top right par right above the dashboard of the GroovePages. There are some sub-sections like the Groove icon which takes you back to the dashboard.

Dropdown page viewer – The dropdown page viewer is simple and its work is to help you navigate through the pages. It takes you to the page you want just by simply clicking on it and then clicking on which page you want to visit. This makes it very easy for users to find what they are looking for.

Display viewer – This is a very important section because this section helps your websites to be viewed on different devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. The way a website will look on the PC is not necessarily how it should look on a smartphone.

The display viewer helps you to test how your website will look on different devices. This function will help the website automatically change to the size and ratio to match with the device and you can easily modify as how your websites will look. It completely depends on who’s making the changes on the website.

Undo/Redo – These are sets of buttons that help you to undo or redo your actions back and forth. So, when you are working on the site and you make a mistake, you can easily tap undo and go back to before you made the mistake instead of starting all over and vice versa for a redo. These buttons save a lot of time and keep the more suitable version.

There is also an additional button beside these buttons called the review button. This review button which looks like an eye icon in GroovePages lets you know which page you are working on so that you can easily keep track of what you are doing. It’s a trivial yet very helpful function for those who are working with multiple pages at the same time.

Save & Publish – The name of these functions tells everything. You can save your progress by tapping the save button so that you don’t lose your work progress if any issue arises. You can save any changes or modifications you make on the pages or the templates.

The publish options are used when you are completely done with your work and it’s ready to be launched. If you are on the free plan, GroovePages will host your website. You won’t get a personal domain. However, the unlimited and paid plan allows you to choose a custom domain for your website.

In the free version, GroovePages will give you a subdomain that looks something like You can later modify or change it however you want to fit your website. GroovePages also offer custom domain hosting for absolute zero cost which is a very unique feature compared to its competitors.

What Else Does GrooveFunnels Offer?

As I have mentioned before that GrooveFunnels is a suite of software applications and not just its flagship tool GroovePages. GrooveFunnels has so much more to offer, you can run your entire business on it. GrooveFunnels have GrooveApps which is basically the compilation of all the features and tools it offers. Some notable ones are –

  • GrooveKart
  • GrooveSell
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GrooveMail
  • GrooveMember
  • GrooveVideo, etc.

There are many more but these are the most used and popular ones. Each of these tools has its features and characteristics that make it exciting for the users. For example, GrooveKart is something that directly competes with Shopify.

GrooveSell is also a shopping cart platform that competes with the likes of ThriveCart and SamCart. Through GrooveSell, you can launch your own affiliate program. No transaction fee required in GrooveSell. On the other hand, GrooveAffiliate is a fully functioning tool that runs affiliate programs.

All you need to do here is fix a product and price. GrooveFunnels is soon to be launching its brand-new feature called GrooveMail that allows you to do one-to-one marketing through targeted emails to your audience list. It’s still yet to be launched but the anticipation has already reached the climax.

As we all know that funnels can be used to make exclusive membership programs or professional courses. That being said, GrooveMember is the feature of GrooveFunnels that lets the user build membership programs, courses, or simply a place to sell digital products online.

YouTube is not the most ideal place to host exclusive and premium video content. That’s why GrooveVideo is the feature which offers the video hosting solution to the users. It’s the most suitable platform where you can host your premium video content and share those with your audience.

What is the Price of GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels Review – What it is & How it Works 3

There are a couple of options to choose from and each of the options is promised to deliver value to the users. There are of course free and paid plans. In the paid plans, there are also various categories like the monthly plans, lifetime plans, etc.

GrooveFunnels can cost $99 per month or $199 per month depending on what resources or the number of resources you need for your business. However, those who joined the beta testing program will get extra benefits of reduced prices and additional features.

You can get a yearly package that will cost you much less than if you have bought the monthly subscription pack. There are also some plans which can get your lifetime access to GrooveFunnels. If you get lifetime access, then you won’t have to pay ever!

If I were to summarize the regular plans then we have the free plan which costs nothing, then there is the silver plan which costs $99 per month. Then there is the gold plan which costs $199/month. And finally, their most premium plan is the platinum plan which costs $299/monthly.

The platinum plan will cover every feature, tool, and everything that is required by the funnel building company. Unfortunately, no discounts are in the price so you need to pay the amount it shows you visit their site. You can also buy some of the tools individually.

For example, you can get GrooveSell for free and once you’re in, you will get free access to GroovePages lite. The free version of GrooveFunnels will only give access to GroovePages (lite version), GrooveSell, and GrooveAffiliate. You can also purchase their flagship section GroovePages through their secret backdoor link.


GrooveFunnels is its competitor but better, more affordable, and way more unique features and tools. GrooveFunnels is one of those all-in-one platforms that offers varieties of features that many of the top market leaders fail to provide.

Furthermore, it’s also cheaper than most of the other funnel building software in the market. Even though it’s fairly new in the market, GrooveFunnels is a promising funnel building software that everyone is looking for.

Its cutting-edge technology and features made it one of the anticipated software in the market. The software is still fresh and new in the market and the developers have confirmed that countless other features are coming to GrooveFunnels which will dominate the market. The software is getting brand new updates regularly and it looks promising to dominate the market soon.


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