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unlimited blog

Imagine you are given a responsibility to craft a content strategy or simply given a topic to write within a specific niche. However, you don’t have any idea what to write because you don’t know what your readers are expecting from your content. Simply, you don’t know which points to cover.

Usually, this type of dilemma is solved by doing thorough market research on keywords and relevant topics. But what is the quickest way to do it or where do we even begin to research keywords?

The answer is quite simple and it is a free website. It’s called “Answer the Public”. It is a free keyword research and analysis tool that is crucial for any SEO expert or content writer. Below is a picture of how the site actually looks like.

unlimited blog

When you have a blog site or a website, sometimes it gets hard to pick a topic to write on. Topic selection is an important decision. You can’t just write whatever you want. You have to stay within your niche; otherwise, your readers will not be able to relate what you’re writing.

What is Answer The Public?

It is a free keyword research tool that shows you what people are searching for a definite keyword. This tool will show you what people are searching the most about that definite keyword. You get to know what people are typing about that keyword in Google or other search engines. For example, if your keyword is “Print on Demand” then the search result will look like this –

unlimited blog

You see there are a lot of search queries for “Print on Demand” and most of the results come in the form of 5W, 1H and more! The queries are divided in various ways – by prepositions, by alphabetical order, by comparison, etc.

How does it work?

Its a creative way to get keywords idea by what questions your audience is looking for in the web. So if you can find those keywords and write content on those, you will find a good amount of visitors reading your content.
What this tool does is, it accumulates every search on a specific keyword and lists them together. So let’s see how it works. For example, “Affiliate Marketing” will be our desired keyword for now. If we search affiliate marketing on Google, we see that –

unlimited blog
unlimited blog

We can see the suggestions here and also what people ask. These suggestions indicate what people search for this topic. All these queries are gathered and accumulated in the form of questions and data is AnswerThePublic. The tool makes it easier for the person who is doing the research.

This is the homepage of the site. There is a search box to look up your preferred keyword. There is a language box as well. The default language is in English but you can change in other languages if you want to as well.

unlimited blog

There is a box where you can change your region but it is only applicable for the paid version only. If you switch to a specific region, your search results will only show what those people in the region are searching for. However, it is not mandatory because the free version gives enough data to work with.

Let’s choose a topic, for now; we’ll take something contemporary, like “Global Warming”. If we search global warming in the search box of the tool we see that –

unlimited blog

A circle of questions will appear on the topic you’ve searched for. If you look closer, you can see that the questions are divided into several categories. For example, there is a question on “How Global Warming Can is controlled?”

This means that many people have searched for this topic looking for answers. So what you can do is pick some topics from the search results and write content on it.

If you look a little above you can see that even among the search list, the categories are divided like by questions, prepositions, comparisons. So you have a wide variety of options to choose from.

unlimited blog

Also if you click on the data option you can see that the results are arranged in another order.

unlimited blog

See above, all the search results on “Can” or “How” are being displayed.
So what happens if we choose prepositions or comparisons instead of questions?

unlimited blog

We have clicked comparison and we see every comparison based query searched on global warming. So we have seen that there are countless queries people have certain topics on the internet and all of them are listed together in the search results of the tool.

You can either pick one title from the result or write an article on that or you can include some titles in one single article. There are some titles which you can’t write a single article on.

In that case, combine some of the titles and then proceed to write. Choose whichever you feel more comfortable. As there are so many titles, choose whichever feels more demanding and trendy.

Why is it useful?

There are many public queries and the questions they ask on the internet. If you can solve their queries by publishing content on them, then Google will recommend your site over your competitors.

Moreover, if the readers feel like your blogs or articles can solve their queries, then they will not be reading another article from a different site. They will read your articles and recommend and share them.

Moreover, if you click on the titles provided in the tool, it will redirect you to the search engine and show you relevant search results on that topic.

Furthermore, you can even save the search results as an image or excel file. Just click on a download CSV file on the top right corner to download the excel file of the whole search results or click on download image to download the image file.

Benefits of the Pro (paid) version

Even though it is not mandatory to upgrade to the pro version, but the pro version is definitely worth the money. There are some exclusive and amazing features that are somewhat restricted or limited in the free version.

Whenever you visit, a pop up will regularly ask you to upgrade your free version to pro; It might seem annoying sometimes but here is why they want you to upgrade to pro –

Unlimited searches

The free version is limited to a number of searches per day. And that’s not only you, which is for your whole office or your content marketing team. However, the pro version allows you an unlimited number of searches for everyone in your content marketing team.

Automated Saves

In the free version, if you don’t save your data after your search, you lose all your data. However, in the pro version, you can look back at data from all your past research. No data will be lost. This is a very important feature because sometimes you lose some important data reports and you have to do the work twice if it is not saved. Therefore, this feature of the pro version is very useful.

Hide unwanted sections/suggestions

This feature is extremely helpful if you do not like too much information. When you search for something in the free version, it’ll show you all the possible information, which may cause a dilemma. In the pro version, you can control the data and reports you receive. If you don’t like a category, you can hide it. Furthermore, you will get more relevant information than the free version.

Is the Pro version worth the value?

Now the more important question is should you upgrade to the pro version? First of all, you have to look at the ROI. It costs about $99/month. If you need a large volume of searches and the price is affordable, then it is wise to switch to the pro version.

That’s because when you’re working with a huge amount of information, you can filter your information to the most relevant ones. Moreover, you can experiment and make changes to your search results until you receive your desired results.

If you don’t need this tool for a long term plan, then get the monthly subscription for one or two months. Afterward, create your entire content calendar within this time frame.

The most important lacking of the tool is that there is a big gap between the free and the pro version in terms of the number of searches. It is either a three-day trial or a limited number of searches per day versus the unlimited number of searches in the pro version.


There is a saying, “You can’t have great content without a fabulous idea” and that is absolutely true. And that is why keyword research is extremely important. Whether you’re an SEO expert, blogger or copywriter, keywords are the foundation of the content.

With this amazing tool and the right keyword research, you can enter the minds of your prospective visitors and customers and see what they are looking for.


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