How to make money in International “Labor Day” by selling your POD products

Labor day

The “International labor/workers Day” or more commonly known as “May Day” is a public holiday that is observed all around the world by many countries on the 1st of May every year.

This day pays tribute to the contribution of the workers and their achievements. May Day is an international holiday that is exclusively for the support of the workers.

This day is extremely important because it resembles the historic struggles and the movements that were made by labor class during the late 19th century.

Origin of International Labor Day

During the late 19th century, a bombing took place at a labor demonstration on May 4, 1886.  Afterward, the infamous “Haymarket Riot” took place, which later leads to a series of events. However, the Haymarket Riot was the trigger that led to the birth of the “International Labor Day”.

The origin of the International Labor Day holds a historic significance and the struggles of the working-class people. It affected every worker globally. That is why from then and to this day, International Labor Day is celebrated globally.

Geographical Location

Geographical Location

Generally, the May Day or International Labor Day is celebrated globally on the 1st of May. There are only two countries, which celebrate Labor Day on a different date – Canada & the USA.

Canada & USA celebrate their Labor Day on the first Monday of September. In the USA, the first Monday of September became their federal holiday in 1894. The same goes for Canada. However, that does not mean that 1st May doesn’t hold any significance for these two countries.

The U.S veterans of foreign wars established 1st  May in the USA as Loyalty Day in 1947. Moreover, in Canada, 1st May is extremely important for business, trade, and union. Even though, they celebrate their Labor Day on a different date. The 1st of May still holds significance for both of these countries for their working-class, business and trade.

How is It Celebrated?

Generally, in the first world countries, Labor Day is celebrated with massive parades and fairs participated by the trade unions and labor associations. In the parades and fairs, the social and economic contributions of the workers and laborers are celebrated.

It is a yearly national tribute to the workers and laborers. Majority of the time, the businesses around the celebrations boom during this time. Many businesses, especially the POD businesses undertake large-scale promotional and marketing techniques to sell their products.

Potential Customers for Labor Day Products

It is one of those occasions where the target customers for your business can be huge. That is because the potential customer segment for Labor Day begins with 18 years and does not have any end-point.

The majority of the people start to work when they hit 18 and do not stop until they retire at an old age. This makes the target customer base massive and if you plan to launch a new POD product, you can aim for the mass market. Let’s divide the customer segment by demographics –

Age: As said above, the demographic age range for POD products on Labor Day starts from 18. The audience range for this particular day is massive. Even though there are some misconceptions that only the labor class people from our society celebrate this day, it is entirely wrong. This day is for every single individual who is working and earning.

Gender: There is no particular gender segment for potential customers. Both male and female workers can be targeted for your products. However, you can emphasize a bit more on women empowerment and design your products according to it.

Profession: When it comes to potential customers for Labor Day products, EVERY profession can be targeted. The whole idea of Labor Day is to empower every profession and its workers.

This is an amazing aspect for your POD business because you can make designs for any kind of profession. If you are knowledgeable about the nursing profession, you can make designs targeting the nurses and their associates.

If you have a good idea of the teaching profession, then you can target teachers, researchers and every person associated with this profession. It is the same case for every profession and you can pick out whichever suits your business model the most.

POD Product Ideas for International Labor Day

POD Product Ideas for International Labor Day

The most common and popular POD product for Labor Day is none other than t-shirts. Since May is a time when the summer heatwave is just about to start, t-shirts are by default the popular clothing category.

Besides, when it comes to POD, the t-shirt business is the most popular one. Therefore, when you combine everything, t-shirts become the top pick for any POD business.

Apart from t-shirts, in the clothing & apparel category, socks, tank tops, and long sleeve sweatshirts are also good picks. Furthermore, tote bags, backpacks, travel bags, aprons, and wristbands are very popular POD product choices for this particular day.

Symbols and elements of Labor Day

Unlike Halloween or Saint Patrick’s Day, there are no special elements that describe the International Labor Day. During Halloween, we have the pumpkin and costumes that describes it.

And during Saint Patrick’s Day, we have beers, leprechauns and the color green which symbolizes it. There are no particular elements that define Labor Day. International Labor Day is all about celebrating the achievements of the workers.

Promotional Strategies

There are no unique promotional strategies that are specific for Labor Day but since it is a special occasion, you have to change some elements of your online store and your social media channels.

You can design your store and your social media channels differently. Besides, you can emphasize on women empowerment and equality of women in work – that is something very few brands do.

You can customize your special offers and discounts by adding inspirational and empowering content. These inspirational contents have good capability to attract the attention of customers.


International Labor Day is a grand event that honors the economic, social, and other contributions our workers or laborers are providing the country. For a POD business, this is a great opportunity to reach customers from every sector. Regardless of whatever niche your business follows, you can expand your product ideas and reach a wider target audience.

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