10 Important Instagram Marketing Tools


Most brands today are using social media marketing and its tools to –

  • Aid in their digital marketing campaigns
  • Give exposure to their product/service
  • Sell their product/service
  • Drive more traffic to their site and many more.

Instagram is one of those platforms where digital marketers and online businesses are utilizing it to attract customers and providing them enough knowledge about their brand or business. Research says that more than 80% of the Instagram users follow at least 1 or 2 of their preferred brands and among them at least 60% have discovered a product they have not previously known. Among the users, at least 30% of the users have purchased a product on Instagram at least once in their usage time of Instagram.

For brands, Instagram tools have become extremely crucial for them to assist them in their daily promotion and other marketing aspects. In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best Instagram tools for digital marketers that will be able to assist them in their daily work and to know how more about instagram algorithm compatibility with tools. These tools helps to grow fast and make money from instagram marketing.

1. Buffer


Buffer is a very handy tool, it is mostly used as a post scheduling tool but it can do a lot more than that. It not only schedules your post (by setting a reminder) but also has the ability to help you analyze and increase your customer reach and performance. This tool is essential to analyze during which time of day your post gets the most attention and post accordingly. Buffer helps you to understand your audience and their liking/disliking.

Buffer provides a browser extension, so if you love any article around the web, you can share it in just a couple of moments. The key features of the buffer tool are its analytics and its ability to work as a social media calendar. Buffer Analytics can identify and track your top-performing content. Moreover, thanks to its ability to work as a social media calendar, you can plan your biggest content months ahead!

2. Foursixty


Foursixty is an e-commerce oriented tool that is used by brands and marketers to make their Instagram feed more like a gallery of a shopping cart. Foursixty can create a gallery of images for your products and Instagram users (shoppers) and click on the images and buy their desired products.

This tool also reveals which contents drive more engagement and revenue. You can customize and curate your shopping galleries however you want. You can customize it based on your brand and its motto.

3. Grum


Grum is yet another Instagram scheduler tool but unlike other tools, it has its own features and uniqueness. Grum lets you manage multiple accounts simultaneously. Furthermore, you can post contents on multiple accounts too and at the same time!

 You can post pictures/videos/gifs whatever your product requires. Grum has a smooth and user-friendly interface; you will be able to work without any sort of lagging or bugs. Grum makes it very easy to post pictures or videos from any platform of your preference. The key features Grum includes switching between multiple accounts without any difficulties and tagging users or customers.

4. Hootsuite​​​​


Hootsuite helps with the better engagement of the social media profile. This tool provides fantastic management for Instagram marketers. If you have a small number of Instagram profiles to manage, like 5 or 6, then this tool is one of the best out there. The free version of this tool works very efficiently and smoothly when working with a small number of accounts.

5. Hashtags for Likes


A picture without any hashtag doesn’t feel like an Instagram picture at all!
That’s why everyone these days both regular users and brands tend to use hashtags in their Instagram images. A hashtag is somewhat a definitive tag – it sort of defines what type of image that is. That’s why developers have developed a tool that is used to hunt down these trendy hashtags.

“Hashtags for Likes” can be used to identify hashtags that are being used the most in a particular time. Using hashtags can boost the reach of your Instagram posts. The tool list down the most popular Instagram hashtags and uses it to explore what the public demand is. The right hashtag for your own product image can attract customers as well.

6. Hopper


Hopper is another post scheduler tool. It is a very simple yet elegant tool.
You can customize and schedule your post, months ahead! The interface is smooth and simple; your whole Instagram experience gets simplified.

You can do various things with this tool, for example – you can post on multiple accounts simultaneously, tag and mention users and other accounts and hide your caption hashtags, etc. With its customization and scheduler option, it easily reduces your effort which would’ve taken hours. The key feature of this tool is its ‘ first comment’ feature which helps the one using the tool to start or hide conversation on the post.

7. Iconosquare


Iconosquare influence industry driving analytics and tools to develop your business. It works in all respects successfully with Instagram accounts. Iconosquare reveals which posts will get the most attention and engagement, and at what time. You can then post accordingly for maximum customer response.

You can plan your posts ahead of time due to this tool’s ability to work as a social media calendar and post scheduler option. Iconosquare provides an in-depth review of your followers, in this way you get to know your followers a lot better. Not to mention, it has amazing analytics too.

8. Combin


Combin is a tool that is used to ethically gain genuine followers, likes and comments. It is the perfect tool to develop your Instagram account and grow. There is no chance of getting your account banned since the followers are earned organically and safely. Combin can be used to attract new customers and provide exposure to your business. It is a great tool to engage with the audience and earn new followers.

9. Later


Majority of the marketers who use Instagram as a platform for promoting their products must have an idea about the scheduling posts. It’s a hectic job to post and update contents regularly. That’s why tools such as ‘later’ come in handy for posting pre-schedule post. It reduces a lot of the effort.

Among other tools, “later” is great because it can build a complex Instagram content calendar for various types of post. This tool is a very useful tool for business on Instagram.
There is also the option of creating a different content gallery for a different account.

10. CuralateLike2Buy


CuralateLike2Buy is created mostly for e-commerce brands. It offers more of a solution to all the problems that arise. It assists the brands to reach their targeted audience.

When you incorporate CuralateLike2Buy with your Instagram account, it permits users to shop from your feed, view your accounts, and participate in other activities. You can limit the gallery for subsets of users. It enables users to get precisely what they need from your Instagram feed by transforming your feed into a customized shopping cart.


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