Millionaire in 8 minutes – Read How a 20 years old girl made it possible

Millionaire in 8 minutes

The title of this article is “Millionaire in 8 minutes – Read How a 20 years old girl made it possible” that might seem too good to be true for some people. Some might even think that it’s a clickbait! However, it is true and this impressive accomplishment was neither done by a billionaire or a millionaire. It was achieved by a local entrepreneur named Mariee Revere.

Millionaire in 8 minutes - Read How a 20 years old girl made it possible 1

Mariee Revere owns a handmade vegan skincare brand called moon cosmetics. It’s a completely online business. She has her own website and online store based on the leads which mostly comes from Instagram. She recently went viral after she posted a short video clip on Instagram.

It showed the breakthrough moment of her surpassing $1 million in just about 8 minutes! Do not get confused, she DID NOT make $1 million because she went viral. She went viral because of her successful marketing campaign and the impressive accomplishment.


What Is The Story Being a Millionaire Within 8 Minutes?


Millionaire in 8 minutes - Read How a 20 years old girl made it possible 2

Mariee Revere was not really a popular entrepreneur. She started her business about 4 years ago and since day 1, she struggled. However, she kept on going despite the obstacles she faced along the way. It took some time but she gradually established her business on a smaller scale. But she still could not find her breakthrough moment which would make her brand popular nationwide.

Her business is mostly based on Instagram; it is nothing extraordinary. She doesn’t even have a logo on her Instagram profile.

The $1 million was not a surprise though, she actually planned to achieve $1 million but she never expected it would take only 8 minutes.
According to her, she thought it would take around 24 – 48 hours. However, it was not just a lucky break. It was a well-structured and thought out campaign that would eventually lead her brand to reach this milestone.

In about less than 48 hours after she posted her video, she gained more than 70k followers in such a short period of time! So how did she do it? What is the secret behind her success? Below we have analyzed how she managed to make over $1M in just 8 Minutes.

What Did She Exactly Do?

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The secret to her incredible accomplishment is the well-structured marketing campaign that involved Influencer Marketing. Yes, she earned over a million dollars with a brilliant influencer marketing plan. By integrating influencer marketing in her promotional campaign, she followed the principle ideas of selling a product. Here are the 4 big key elements for selling –

Visibility – She mainly used Instagram influencers and word-of-mouth as a method to increase her brand and product visibility. Through this, her potential customers got to know her brand and what it sells.

Trust – She gained the trust of her potential customers’ thanks to the Instagram influencers who provided information on the brand as well as showing how efficient the products are. She gained positive feed backs from her customers which she highlighted in her account.

Moreover, her audience also speaks the same language as her, so it was easier to communicate and share feedback. Furthermore, there was a human behind the brand. The audience knew who was selling the products. It was the maker herself!

Value – The product she offered to her customers was actually solving problems. Her marketing tactics weren’t cheap. She was offering skincare solutions and her products managed to deliver value to her customers. Therefore, her customers were satisfied with the products.

Pain – Lastly, she managed to create a demand for her products among her audience. Afterward, she created scarcity for her products, which created “pain” in the minds of customers. Her stores showed that the stock is running out fast and finally it was the “countdown”.

She devised a brilliant countdown strategy to remind her customers that restocking of her products was coming soon. In her daily posts, she started the countdown of when the restocking is coming up. It created excitement among her customers as to when they will be able to purchase the products.

How Did She Bring In That Much Traffic?

Millionaire in 8 minutes - Read How a 20 years old girl made it possible 4

It wasn’t like suddenly her traffic to her website surged hugely. She didn’t have that much traffic. Instead, she focused on the conversion rate more. Generally, on average, an online store has around a 3% conversion rate.

However, her conversion rate was around 30%. Whatever traffic came, the majority of them purchased her products. And she managed to do this due to her influencer marketing strategy.

She has been working with five big influencers of the same niche. Therefore, her influencers and her brand had a similar audience.

She used to work with micro-influencers before but this time she reached out to the most profitable ones with an active audience. Her target audience is black women struggling with skin care problems. The influencers she chose also had similar fanbases with black women who cared about the skincare beauty standard.

Millionaire in 8 minutes - Read How a 20 years old girl made it possible 5

Therefore, the audience felt a similar need for her products. The influencers weren’t trying to sell the product themselves. They were just promoting it by talking about it or using the products themselves. They highlighted the brand and it was mostly focused on product promotion.

The goal of the promotion was to get as much as lead as possible and potential customers to follow the page. The influencers did a different format of promotions.

The formats are listed below-

  • Ig tv promotions
  • Ig live promotions
  • Ig stories
  • Ig videos

The influencers she managed to partner up with weren’t cheap at all. It was costly as well. She had to spend around $50,000 on the influencers and their promotion. They promoted her products and warmed up the audience for more than a month. The ROI was well calculated and she managed to earn the revenue she planned in the beginning. However, it is not an easy task to find an influencer whose audience will be able to make connections with your products.

The Estimated Calculation To Generate $1M In 8 Mins –

If we estimate her average (AOV) order value, it is around $100. It means that she got around 8000 orders in 8 minutes or 1250 orders/minute! That is amazing considering how much traffic she received on her website. She had 30-100k live visitors on her website in 8 minutes. As we mentioned before, her conversion rate was around 30%, whereas an online store has a 3% conversion rate on average.

The main difference we found out between her and the casual dropshippers running ads on Facebook were that dropshippers focus on more on the visibility and less on building trust, providing value and creating pain for the customers. However, she provides everything starting from visibility to creating pain.

Why was the campaign successful?

There are four core reasons why the campaign was so successful and it’s mostly thanks to her marketing strategy and the type of value she offered to her customers.

  • The product is a problem solver
  • The product gets people fast results
  • The product has a WOW effect
  • The products get positive and honest reviews


Mariee Revere generated over $1m in revenue in 8 minutes by integrating influencer marketing in her campaigning strategy. More than 80% of the revenue came due to how she structured the promotion part with the influencers.

Influencer marketing is a constantly growing and rich market with great prospects to work with. It has made great impacts in the field of marketing. The rise of social media and other online platforms have made this approach feasible to work with.


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