Top 10 picky christmas products to sell for print on demand business

Title: Top picky Christmas products to sell for print on demand business

Are you ready to make money this Christmas season with some of the top Christmas products to sell for your print on demand business? 🎄

Use your creativity and find out how to make the most profit from your print on demand business this season.

I have listed 10 of the best Christmas products to sell for print on demand businesses.

Make a big profit on these Christmas products and bring a smile to customers’ faces with your unique designs. 

These products are demanding in POD Market and you can customize them with your own designs.

Let’s go through this blog to find out more 👇

Christmas is considered to be the largest religious and commercialized celebration in the current world. Christmas is celebrated in most countries in the world. It is the largest Christian celebration. The word “Christmas” is a simplified form for “Mass on Christ’s Day”. Christmas is a popular annual holiday for Christians which commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ.

Other than being a religious festival Christmas is also a worldwide commercial phenomenon. People have been celebrating Christmas for roughly two millennia. Its origin is religion, however as time passed by, soon it got commercialized, and many more people started to celebrate it.

So, to commemorate his birth, people pray in churches, exchange gifts, decorate Christmas trees together with friends & family, and have dinner together.

Santa Clause is a prominent imaginary figure among children. Children wish for presents to Santa Clause and stay up waiting for him to arrive.

People save money and Christmas bonuses for buying Christmas Special gifts for their loved ones. 

So this is high time to grab your audience. 🎄🛎️

So, Do not waste your time by thinking because Christmas is just knocking at the door.

I have listed 10 of the best Christmas products to sell for your pod business.

Those types of products are popular and the most demanding items for Christmas.

Top 10 Christmas Products to Sell for Print on Demand Business

Christmas special jewelry: Jewelry items are the most in-demand among all the products at Christmas, you may work less or not at all on jewelry items but I suggest you work on jewelry items this Christmas. People buy for themself and gifts for their family and friends Christmas theme jewelry items. So you can design some POD jewelry like Locket, chains, and bracelet rings. or ornaments for decorating Christmas trees.

Christmas special jewelry - christmas products to sell
Christmas special jewelry (Top selling Christmas gifts)

Christmas theme T-shirt: There are a good number of customers who prefer to wear seasonal or trending shirts. If you are doing POD business then designing t-shirts is not a big deal for you. Do some design research and use your creativity to prepare some special Christmas shirts.

Promote them on social media and your website. It will bring a good number of sales for you.

You can get an idea about how to generate POD design ideas that can improve your designing knowledge by reading this blog 👇

Christmas theme t-shirt
Christmas theme t-shirt (Christmas products to sell)

Mugs: Mugs are very popular items for gifts. This Christmas, you can design some unique design for mugs. People gift mugs to each other occasionally, But there are some organizations or corporate offices that give mugs to their employees or clients/customers on the occasion of Christmas. In that case, if you get any such clients, you will get some orders in bulk. So, I think it would be very profitable for you to design some mug items and promote them this Christmas.

Christmas Mugs - top selling Christmas gifts
Christmas mugs (Top selling Christmas gifts)

Christmas Banners or Posters: On the occasion of Christmas, in many cities, there are events somewhere. Christmas parties are organized for corporate, schools, colleges, or organizations. In those cases, Christmas banners and posters have high demand. If you are a pod marketer then designing these banner posters is not a big deal for you.

Also, you can design some posters that will create a different vibe at different home events. These types of banner posters will help you generate good sales.

Christmas Special Hoddies or Sweaters: Since Christmas is the season of winter, there is a demand for sweaters and hoodies. So why not design that sweater or hoodie with a Christmas theme?

Christmas-themed hoodies are very trending and demanding.

You should design some hoodies/sweaters and promote them in your store.

For Promotion, you can announce some offers or discounts if possible. To Make your customers think your products are cheaper than others.

Christmas hoddie sweater
Christmas hoodie sweater (Christmas products to sell)

Greeting Cards for Christmas: Christmas greeting cards are a very old tradition. Many people have childhood memories with Christmas cards. But still, many people give Christmas cards to their loved ones or special people to wish them a Merry Christmas. Designing Christmas cards may be a new experience for you but it is a unique idea. Any other pod marketer might not come up with the idea yet Besides a few common items, you should also work on some unique ideas like this.

Greeting cards for Christmas
Greeting cards for Christmas (Top selling Christmas gifts)

Scarves with a Christmas Theme: A scarf with a sweater or hoodie in winter is all we need to keep ourselves warm. In that case, why the scarf will not be Christmas themed?

Red or Green, Santa or Christmas tree. Design some scarves for this Christmas by designing them in different ways. You will find some customers who will not dress up with a Christmas theme. But they will at least tie a Christmas theme scarf to celebrate their day.

Scarves with a Christmas theme
Scarves with a Christmas theme (Christmas products to sell)

Costumes for Pets This Christmas: Pet lovers never forget about their Pets on special occasions. They look for something unique for their pets that can be used for decorating them on Christmas. While many pod marketers forget this, you shouldn’t. You can make some pet costumes targeting this pet-lover audience. Since it is a unique idea, you will have fewer competitors.

Christmas costume for pets
Christmas costumes for pets (Top selling Christmas gifts)

Wrapping Paper to Wrap Christmas Gifts: Since this is Christmas, and the Christmas gift comes with gift wrapping paper, the demand for wrapping paper will be high during Christmas. You can put wrapping paper on your list without any worries. But the reason why I put this item at the end is, wrapping paper is a very available item. If you want to work with it, you have to work with some unique designs.

Christmas Gifts - top selling christmas gifts
Wrapping paper for Christmas gifts

Slippers: Last but not least you can keep some comfy slippers on your list. The slippers are in demand in this season which helps in warming feet and keeping the house clean. You can design the slippers for Christmas. For example – with the Christmas tree, or render or you can use your creativity to design them in any way.

Christmas slippers - Christmas products to sell
Christmas slippers

If I want I could add more points to the list. I could add some items to make this blog lengthy. But I believe in quality than quantity.

So, I have listed some of the popular Christmas products to sell for your print on demand business. I have sorted them according to the market demand. But you should not go with the common items only. Try to work with unique items as well.

Strategies to Increase Christmas Product Sales

1. Add Gift Wrapping Services: Services for gift-wrapping are incredibly helpful for boosting holiday sales. This is due to the fact that many consumers lack the time or skills necessary to wrap a present themselves. Everyone knows how challenging it may be to fold wrapping paper with the perfect corner.

You may promote gift wrapping in a number of ways to increase holiday sales. 

You can:

  • Charge a small price extra for this service.
  • Advertise free gift-wrapping services.
  • To get free gift wrapping, use promotional coupons.

2. Decorate your Landing Page: By placing links, forms, buttons, and other website features in key positions on landing pages, marketers can guide their leads toward conversion. Since a landing page is typically one of the first points of contact between a user and a brand, marketers frequently optimize this page to improve the chances that the visitor will convert. By decorating the landing page in Chrismas themed elements like Christmas background and Santa effects you can attract the audience and motivate them to buy Christmas gifts.

3. Create a custom design contest: Online contests are a fantastic method to grow the popularity, engagement and visibility of your business. Depending on the gift, it may encourage new users or audiences to follow you and, ideally, spread the word about you to their friends and other connections.

By creating a design contest in the event of Christmas you are making your audience aware of your products and they will also share this with their friends which will increase your product visibility.

4. Create a Countdown timer on your landing page about discounts: We have all heard the term “FOMO“. It is the constant knowledge that you’re missing out on an event. By creating a countdown timer on your landing page your traffic will feel the urgency of buying products from your website.

5. Bundle Products at a discounted price:  At Christmas people generally buy products to gift to their family and friends. So they buy in bulk. By bundling your products you are making them buy more products which leads to more sales. It is also cost-effective for customers and decreases marketing and distribution costs for you.

6. Create a referral program: Referral programs convert your clients into brand ambassadors. By providing rewards for communicative fans, promote word-of-mouth advertising. If the incentive is good enough, whether it be a discount, a free trial, or a free bonus gift with purchase, you’ll have people talking.


This holiday season is the perfect time to make a big profit by selling unique Christmas products with your print on demand business.

I have discussed the top Christmas products to sell and some strategies to increase Christmas product sales as well. Hope this blog will help you to start selling the best Christmas products now and make the most of the holiday season. Customers will love your unique designs and you’ll have a lot of satisfied customers this holiday season.

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