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Whether you are an e-commerce merchant, a designer, or simply someone who owns an online store, mockup designs and templates are extremely important.  It takes as much time to create a mockup as it takes to make a new design.

Therefore, you see how time-consuming this is. It’s more trouble when you don’t have a designer! There are businesses that only specialize in product photography but they do not have any designer, what happens then?

The answer is quite simple – the majority of them use

What Does Have? is one-of-a-kind website where you can find unlimited resources for your design mockups, templates, demo videos and a lot more. It has been running since 2013. can be considered as a ‘one-stop’ site for your e-commerce business.

Imagine you have a t-shirt business and you need to put up those designs in your store. You urgently need t-shirt mockups for your store and you need to put those t-shirts on models so that your customers can visualize how they will look in it.

So, what do you do? You visit of course. Among its features, has a sophisticated mockup and template designer where you can easily make logo and other graphical designs for your business. is a platform that doesn’t only have mockups and templates for t-shirts/clothes but also has various kinds of mockups for products such as business cards, posters, paperback covers, etc.

How does it work?

The first step of using is visiting the site and clicking on the signup option given in the top right area of the website. After you input all the information required and tick all the policy boxes, you will have your account ready.

Once you are done setting up your account, you can generate your proffered design/mockup as you want. There are four basic aspects of –

  • Mockup Creator
  • Template Generation
  • Logo Design
  • Video Creation

Let’s start with the mockup generator first, since it is the most important part of this tool. This is the product mockup part where have to submit an image in the available product mockups.

The mockup link is visible at the upper side of the page. After you click on it, you will find a variety of lists of products from a t-shirt to bags to mugs. After selecting your preferable template and mockup, you can choose its designs and surrounding environment.

It means that you can place your t-shirts on models and other things, download them, and use them for your store. These are called the design templates. After choosing the template, you can then upload your image.

You can add/remove texts as well. After uploading your image on the mockup design and adding necessary texts, you can then proceed to crop it to your preferred shape. After you are done, download the image.

Second, comes the design template. This is also an amazing feature of These are design templates for clothing, business flyers, social media contents, etc. These are highly customizable.

Unlike Photoshop, you don’t need expertise in editing to design the templates.  You will only work with texts, fonts, frames, etc. You can change the featured image however you want in the design template. Finally, download the image and work with it.

Thirdly comes the “Logo Maker”, this is the simplest way how you can get your own logo for your business. Not every business has a graphic designer with them. With, you can easily make your own logos.

First, you have to click on the logo section; there you will find a search bar. In the search bar, you need to type the name of your brand or business and choose your particular industry. You can play with the color coordination and its background however you want. will give you various logo options from which you can pick your own business logo. Just as designing a template, you can also change the fonts, colors, texts, frames, etc. Finally, save it and then use it.

Last but not least is “Video Maker”. Imagine you have an online business, you have to promote one of your products through video teasers, and you don’t have any fixed designer. What do you do then? You come to

These videos on are mostly made for short videos and teasers of any companies’ product or services. There are many video templates to work within

 Since this is also highly customizable, you can change the texts, fonts, images in the video, playback speed, etc. After adding all the elements in the video, you can save it and use it on various occasions.

Why Should One Use

Design mockups are a core part of any e-commerce business. Without this, your products would not have looked good. An estimate of 2800 t-shirt mockup alone exists at and thousands of other designs as well.

This place is literally a one-stop place or everything you need for your designs. Mockups have made the life of many e-commerce businesses easy. It’s the simplest way to make quick product photos for your store.

Not to mention, short videos as well. People who are not good at designing or do not want to invest their time in mockups can certainly use effectively. However, you cannot expect advanced editing options and other pro Photoshop features in because that’s what this is not.

Some have misconceptions that you can do anything in but you have to understand that the purpose of is for built in mockups and templates. If you are an e-commerce merchant (designer/marketer etc.), you will find plenty of resources here to work with.

COST: is NOT free. However, it is not expensive as well. If you do the cost benefit analysis, you will see that the value is much greater. Now there are types of purchase

  • Single purchase
  • Unlimited Subscription

In single purchase, you will only pay for what you need. For example, if you need a t-shirt mockup, you will pay for that one only which is like $7 or $6. You don’t need to have a monthly subscription.

In unlimited subscription, you can subscribe for $19.95 a month or $99.95 a year. Depends on how much mockups and templates you need; you can subscribe to either. There are no limitations here, you can download and make as many mockups, templates, videos as you want.

If you compare the unlimited subscription option with the Single purchase option, you will see that the unlimited subscription gives off more value. So, depending on your business model, you can pick whichever option you want to pick.


To sum up everything, as a marketer, designer or a business owner, you will want to save as much time as you can because when you have business, time is money. is such a tool that can save a lot of your time with its mockup and designing features.


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