The A to Z Guide of Facebook Graph Search

facebook graph search

Facebook has made social interactions very simple since its launch. People have been known to found their lost childhood friends, relatives etc. through Facebook. So in this article what we’re going to show you is how to find people in Facebook and Facebook graph search works properly. .For example, if you may want to find someone from University of Southern California or someone from another city. Here we’ll also see how to find pages, groups, your old posts that you can’t find and all the posts of your friends that you or they can't find. And last but not the least; you will also learn how to find answers to questions on Facebook just like you do on Google. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to find everything on Facebook. So let's get started. Let us first find someone from University of Southern California.

facebook graph search

Click on the search bar first and type people who go University of Southern California then click on the search icon.

facebook graph search

Here you’ll find a list of people who go to University of Southern California and if you scroll down, you’ll find more people who go to University of Southern California. If you want to search for only men or women of University of Southern California exclusively, then just replace the word “People” in the search bar with “men” or “women” depending on who you are looking for.

Now let’s search for “men” or “women” who live in your state. Now since I live in California, I’ll use California as an example. Just as above we’re going to click on the search bar at the top of Facebook and search for “Men” or “Women” of California.

facebook graph search
facebook graph search

As you can see in the images that we have searched for both men and women of California

Now let’s find people from our country. So let's get started. Since I live in USA, I’ll use it for the example. Now for the usual process, go into the search bar and type people from “insert country name”. I’ve used USA.

facebook graph search

Now if you want to exclusively search for “men” or “women” from your country, just replace the word people in the search bar with either men or women and find your desired person!

Now if you want to search someone from any specific company or perhaps the company you’re working for, it is also quite easy. What you have to do is just go to the search and type your company name and then just switch to the “People” tab from the “Page” tab; you have to do this one extra step because when you usually search for a company, the company page or pages pops up first. I have used “Texort” as an example, it’s a brilliant firm.

facebook graph search

Now that we’re done finding people, let’s go search for some pages and groups. You can search for your favorite page or any pages that you are trying to find. The process is usual, go to the search bar on Facebook and type your topic which you want to find pages related to.

facebook graph search
facebook graph search

I have used “Gaming” as an example, you can see in the images that pages and groups related to gaming popped up.

Now let’s take a look at how we can find our old post like something we might have posted couple of years back but now can’t find it. The requirements are that you have to remember one or two words from that post. The word I have chosen is “digital marketing”.

facebook graph search

If you look into the image, I’ve typed that particular word and my name side by side in the search bar and clicked search and I’ve the posts I’ve been looking for. In the same way, you can also find your friends post by choosing a particular part of their old status with their name and just hit on the search bar. You will only find their old post if you are friends with them in Facebook or if they have made their post public.

Okay, now it’s time to show you how we can find the answers to some question. Go to the search bar on Facebook and type your query. For example –

facebook graph search

We have searched our query and got our answer. You know most people aren't aware of this search option on Facebook. I hope this article will be useful to those who were unaware of it.


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