Traffic Secrets Review – Comprehensive Book On How To Get Traffic To Your Sales Funnel

Traffic Secrets

Traffic is the bloodline of every online business. It is a core element that keeps a business alive. But do all of us truly understand what Traffic really is? Do we really know how traffic really works and how we can drive traffic to where we want? Keeping all of these points in mind and more, Russell Brunson launched a book called Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook.

This Traffic Secrets review will give you the idea of how you can get more traffic and increase the conversion rate successfully.

In this book, he discussed step by step on everything there is to know about traffic. He shared his secrets on how he made his own company successful so that his readers can see a real-life example and get inspired to apply these techniques for their own business.

Russell Brunson is widely known as an author for his previous best-selling books on different online business and digital marketing aspects. Following the success of his previous best-selling books, he took the initiative to write down this book.

The book portrays proven strategies and techniques on how to drive traffic to your website and increase conversion and ultimately grow your business. Let’s check out this Traffic Secrets review to be more clear.

Is the Course and the Book Same?

No, the book and the membership course are very different. However, both of these are extremely valuable. Therefore, there will be some elements of the course that is present in the book. The course itself is very different from the book.

What’s Inside the Book? (Traffic Secrets Review)

The key point of this book is about helping the readers to get more traffic for their businesses. The author shares 20 traffic secrets on how a business can efficiently drive traffic through the funnel and ultimately to the website. The book works as a guide on teaching you how to master the traffic strategies and grow your businesses.

Every strategy the author shared is a proven strategy in real life. These are the same strategies the author and his company used to get millions of customers. The most important aspect of this book is that the strategies are so simply explained that any company could implement, even if they don’t understand what traffic is.

The book helps you to understand your real customers by explaining the tips and tricks to grab your customer’s attention. The book has contents on how you can pull those customers further down the funnel. That’s not all, moreover, this book has step by step procedures on how can you keep those customers and show which offers will make them stay.

Book - Traffic Secrets Review

At the end of the day, traffic is just potential customers who are just people. This book will help you to locate YOUR people so that you can focus on growing your business and expanding it even further with your products and services.

Who is the Author?

The author is none other than Russell Brunson who is well-known for delivering values to his customers. Russell Brunson is a visionary and an entrepreneur with his own company and businesses. He has also been successfully living in this field for a long time now.

He is known for many things, including for being one of the founders of the funnel building software tool “ClickFunnels”. ClickFunnels recently became a $100 million company, in which Russell Brunson made most of the contribution.

He has also written other books based on online business, digital marketing, etc. Out of those two of the books are considered to be the best-selling in that specific market. Those two books are –

Russell Brunson has efficiently worked on “Traffic Secrets” for two years. Afterward, he decided to finally publish it. Russell Brunson is a person who always tries to give values to his readers or customers. Therefore, we can guess how this book turned out to be. Russell Brunson is also famous for earning $3 million just for a single speech at the 10 X Grown Conference.

Price of the Book: The book is completely free with only shipping charges. You only have to pay for shipping which is $9.95 in the US and $19.95 for international orders. Anyone can order the book from the official website as well as Amazon or eBay. Click here for free download

What is this ClickFunnels Software?

ClickFunnels is currently one of the best funnel building software in the market with over 100,000 users and still increasing. Recently, American Business Magazine, Forbes has valued ClickFunnels at more than $360 million. Russell Brunson is one of the visionaries who made ClickFunnels as successful as it is today.

Click funnels

ClickFunnels incorporates everything a business needs to have for building a complete automated sales funnel. It has many customizable templates inside the software, so you have many options to work with. Besides creating sales funnels, ClickFunnels can also build landing/sales page/online courses, host webinars and many more!

Some of the mentionable features of ClickFunnels are –

  • Pre-built funnel templates
  • Drag-and-Drop sales funnel option
  • Affiliate management option
  • Funnel sharing
  • Funnel sharing
  • Inbuilt automation (Follow-up funnels)
  • Funnel Flix

Is There Something more to the Book?

Many experienced marketers have considered his book series as a trilogy with Traffic Secrets as his third book in the series. The other two books in the trilogy are Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets. This book series is a must-have for every aspiring entrepreneur who wants to expand and establish their businesses. click here for free download.

Expert marketers have talked about online business and sales funnels and they have stated that Dotcom secrets are the “Science”, Expert Secrets is the “Art” and finally, Traffic Secrets is the “Fuel” behind successfully establishing an online business. Therefore, it has become a must-have trilogy series for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Traffic Secrets was written to help entrepreneurs and their businesses to reach out to appropriate audiences! The book is very helpful even to those who have little ideas on how to acquire traffic. The message behind the book was to spread the products and services offered by the businesses to an even wider audience base than it ever was! The key point of this book is to keep on getting newer customers and let your business grow.

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