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Hi! This is S.M. Belal a marketing professional. I have been working as a full-time digital marketer for last 9 years, I have a digital marketing agency Texort and working with an American e-commerce platform Gearlaunch as a Country Manager.

I started my journey as a freelance internet marketer in freelance marketplaces. Then I expanded my online marketing service through my agency. One of my key focus areas is Print On demand and facebook ad. 

I consulted on online Personal Branding that grows and protects strong online reputation to my clients that have led to developed new business for them as well as their organizations. 

I love to play with traffic especially Facebook Ad.  I create ad funnels for my clients, developing ad strategies, and set up the marketing planning in different advertising network especially Facebook. My goal is to provide the best outcome with the lowest budget. 

Besides, I am working with GearLaunch (a US based Print on Demand platform) as a country manager of Bangladesh through which one can build an international e-commerce business from anywhere in the world. I used to mentor thousands of Bangladeshi GearLaunch partners to increase their sale, get better ROI, and generate product idea.

Thanks for knowing me, glad to have you in my blog.

S.M. Belal Uddin.

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