The Elite Sales Summit, organized by GearLaunch

The Elite Sales Summit, organized by GearLaunch, a leading print-on-demand platform in the United States, was held on Saturday, March 30, 2024, at the Sarina Hotel Banani in Dhaka.

JCI Dhaka West Team In JCI Women Of Inspiration Award 2023

Youth Organization Junior Chamber International ( JCI ) awarded the Women of Inspiration Award for the 5th time.

"Next Ventures Presents National Freelancers Conference 2023 Powered by B-kash", 'Freelancers of Bangladesh'

Asia’s largest freelancers conference, ‘NEXT Ventures Presents National Freelancers Conference 2023 Powered by bKash,’ was organized by Freelancers of Bangladesh.

The Youth Career Carnival

The Youth Career Carnival was an amazing event to encourage young talents who want to be the future leaders.

Shakrain Festival

Shakrain Festival #JCIDhakaWest


“NATIONAL TECH CARNIVAL 2023” was organized by “One Way School” for the “first time” at the national level in the country.

JCI Presidential Mezban & Family Day Out 2023

JCI Presidential Mezban & Family Day Out 2023.

Designers Meetup-2023

The largest “Designers Meetup 2023” in Bangladesh took place in Khulna on January 28, 2023, under the initiative of the “Cinta Creative Designers Community.

Digital Commerce Act-2023

A discussion meeting on Proposed (Draft) Digital Commerce Act-2023 organized by E-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB) was held on February 12, 2023 at FBCCI Icon.

Secret Art Of Storytelling In Marketing

At my company, Texort, we organized an in-house training session centered around “The Secret Art of Storytelling in Marketing.

Bangladesh Innovation Summit-2023

The “Bangladesh Innovation Summit 2023” was collaboratively organized by the “Bangladesh Innovation Forum” and “Rise Up Labs” on February 18th.

JCI Dhaka West (General Members Meeting)

The first General Members Meeting (GMM) of JCI Dhaka West for the year 2023 took place on February 18th at Ascott Palace, Baridhara, Dhaka. This event was organized by JCI Dhaka West and held in conjunction with the celebration of their 25th Silver Jubilee and the ceremonial Chain Handover.

Payoneer Annual Iftar Meetup

Hosted by Payoneer, the ‘Payoneer Annual Iftar Meetup’ took place on April 11 at the Renaissance Hotel in Gulshan, Dhaka.

DBN Official Ambassador Meetup 2023

In celebration of the remarkable success achieved by the “Digital Business Network” 

IBA-JU Alumni Association Iftar program

Some beautiful moments with industry leaders and business professionals of Bangladesh at the IBA-JU Alumni Association Iftar program….

Texort Iftar Party

Hosting Iftar with our Texort family during the holy month of Ramadan.

JCI Bangladesh "Debate and Public Speaking Championship 2023

JCI Bangladesh organized the “Debate and Public Speaking Championship 2023” competition to enhance the debate and public speaking skills of the younger generation.

Dano Brand Talk 4.0

The “Dano Brand Talk 4.0” seminar, organized by Brand Practitioners Bangladesh, took place on Friday, March 17th.


The first-ever Seven College IT skill competition, “TECH MANIA 1.0,” was held at the Shahid Barkat Auditorium on the premises of Titumir College, Dhaka.

GearLaunch Sales Superstar Contest Gala Event

On Saturday, July 15, 2023, at a luxury restaurant in Baridhara, Dhaka, GearLaunch hosted a gala event to honor the winners of the Sales Superstar Contest.

Robi Bdapps National Hackathon Award

Robi Axiata organizes an innovative program called “Robi BDapps, The National Hackathon 2022” for finding out the young talents of mobile application developers from all around Bangladesh.

Digital Entrepreneur Summit

Digital Business Network is collaborating with entrepreneurs and providing various kinds of support digital entrepreneurs. 

Digital Career Bootcamp Launching Program

Digital Business Network is a community of Digital Business and Digital career enthusiastic people who get to develop their professional and interpersonal skills.


Mr. S M Belal Uddin, CEO of Texort & Founder of Digital Business Network and Mr. Altamis Nabil, President, JCI Dhaka West have signed a MOU under which they will collaborate & effectively execute their commitments

DBN Dubai Meetup

Digital business and strengthening the community of the people of Digital Business Network, the founder of Digital Business Network Mr. S M Belal Uddin visited Dubai and had a meet and greet session with the Digital Business enthusiast people in Dubai. Get their 

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Payoneer Forum

One of the five keynote speakers of Payoneer forum 2018.

Independent TV

Learning earning talk show organized by ICT devision.

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Easily build a career in CPA marketing.

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Digital Marketing & Online Business Conference.


Discover How Different Ad Strategies Can Double Your Sales

Gearlaunch Buzz Session

An exclusive meetup for ecom sellers


Digital Marketing Seminar

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Store Development Technique And Marketing Strategy Development 


In a world of technology. People make the defference.


Discussion About Print On Demand Business Model

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Learning F-commerce with EMK

EMK Center admires the youth’s ability to envision what is feasible, what should be & what they can do to make it

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Facebook Business Growth Technique

The discussion was about how to grow their business on Facebook and instruction.

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Print on demand session in Philippines.

The discussion was about the strategy behind selling and how to make the POD business sustainable for a long time. 

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Webinar in Information Selling Globally

The webinar was about a Pandemic Driving Print-on-Demand Growth.

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Online Professionals Cricket Tournament S-3.

Stylopeak sponsored a mask and cheered up the biggest event of the 2021. It was an enlightened journey for us with the participant.

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Jahangirnagar University's 50th anniversary.

My team was on hand to cheer up and commemorate Jahangirnagar University’s 50th anniversary.

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Get together with Gearlaunch Crew.

It was a small occasion of getting touch with team of Gearlaunch crew.

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(BDOSN) Entrepreneurship Program 2019

Stylopeak is glad to be associated and collaborate on this program.

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Session by Talk Digital "Freelancer and Freedom"

The goal was to help freelancers gain confidence in their ability to go from employee to entrepreneur.

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Inter-University Sales Strategy Competition

It’s a delight to engage with young minds as a judge in a business competition.

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The Map of Digital Marketing

In the session, We discussed and enhanced the mind power of a digital career.

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"How to keep your ad account healthy and alive"

A dedicated live program was held for the Gearlaunch Bangladesh group.

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Invitation from Exness, a Cyprus based Broker

Pleasure to be captured in photographs as the best presenter of new digital concepts in this competition.

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Workshop on developing action 2021

Cross border, e-commerce expo committee meeting members are held hostage in one frame. 

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Cheering up at Exness regional office

Cheering up the big moment at Exness regional office, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Significant businesses on the ground at NSU

We Make Pro was listed as the most anticipated industry and university collaboration of 2019.

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Seller meet up organized by ECAB & Area71

This event was all about how people grow businesses through cross-border e-commerce.

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Event and hangout with We Make pro group

First event and hangout with We Make pro initial group. A Glimpse of Gladness with Nahid Hasan, CEO of Bizcope.

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The launch of Amazon's fulfillment center

Amazon has granted permission for Bangladeshi sellers and producers to offer their goods cross-border through Amazon

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Student's Meetup & Certificate Giving Ceremony

The initiative was taken for Digital marketing students by BASIS and BITM.

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The largest exposition on the Bangladesh IT

The purpose of this exposition is to promote and exchange knowledge to enhance local businesses.

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Seminar for Global Businesses

This session was all about online business growth, digital marketing & entrepreneurship.

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Launch and Certificate Giving Ceremony

Participate as a guest speaker during the inauguration and awarding of certificates for one of the best learning platforms, “Shikhbe Shobai.” 

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FB live session on Print on Demand Designs

The primary goal of this workshop is to assist people who are having difficulty creating print-on-demand products.

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FB live on "Print on Demand" Career

The conversation was hosted by Muhammad Asif (Head of digital marketing at Uy lab) with the collaboration of Uy Lab.

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Workshop on "Empowering Your Online Career"

This was a successful workshop that enabled the students to build their trust in online careers.

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Exclusive collaboration event.

Bank Asia – Payoneer – Mastercard collaboration was to speeding up the processing for freelancer’s cross-border digital payments.

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Cox's Bazar tour with Gearlaunch team

Moments of joy were captured at Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort in Coxbazar.

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The Conference focused mostly on four subjects – Website design, design and graphics, and UI/UX, web and freelance.

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Gearlaunch Meet up with Moroccan Dropshippers

This program has made it possible to create and to work together on dropshipping and e-commerce businesses.

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"Success Conference & Expo Asia 2018" Vietnam

This conference is the perfect networking forum to meet up with key industry IT professionals and interact with digital experts.

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Free session on Digital Marketing

Attended as a Keynote Speaker in the session, which was hosted by E-soft and BITM.

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JBN business carnivals

Texort joined as the digital marketing partner of the event, which was a great opportunity for us.

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The JBN Website Launching Ceremony

The JB website was launched by Lutfor Rahman, CEO, Contessa. His achievements inspired us a lot.

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Digital Marketing Session DIU

An wonderful Session of Digital Marketing with Dhaka International University team (faculties and staffs).

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Get Together With Gearlaunch BD Team

This meet up with the team was organized at RRF Institute.

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IT Skills & Career Development Workshop

Took part in the exclusive workshop at EU, along with some professionals.

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Get Together With Gearlaunch Chittagong

At Hotel Tower Inn in Chittagong, GearLaunch Chittagong gets together.

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Session on Graphics Designing Career

Training and focused topic was how to build graphics designing and career placed in Gearlaunch.

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The BITPA Conference-2019

Around 1000 people were at the conference. At this event, I spoke about how to grow business with Digital Marketing.

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Wonderful Time With Gear Launch India

Had a wonderful time with Few Indian power sellers of Gear Launch.

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All Platforms All Together Event by Ping Pong

Valuable individuals from different platforms were present. Had great fun with Ping Pong and other valuable brand persons.

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IBA JU's Silver Jubilee Alumni Night

The celebration was placed in Lake Shore Hotel in Dhaka.

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Exness Partner Meetup of Forex Trading Brokers

Gratified to attend the Exness partner meetup of Forex trading brokers at the Gregorian Alumni Club Limited.

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Conference on Global and Wider Payments

Global payment system with Ping Pong and the E-CAB to open up wider payments for international marketers and freelancers.

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The Gearlaunch MasterMind Session

It was with the contest winners and seller & the topic of discussion was how to expand the POD business across Bangladesh.

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The Gearlaunch Conference 2019 Vietnam

The program’s primary goal is to expand the trading business worldwide. I spoke about PODs profitability drop shipping process.

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The Payoneer VIP dinner

Discussions were held on payment schemes throughout Southeast Asia to provide cross-border payment solutions.

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Meeting with Gearlaunch's khulan Sellers

Purpose was to discuss the ways to boost POD demand, expand business and sales growth in Bangladesh.

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Session with final year students of NUB

Session aims to improve the focus on digital marketing so that they can be upcoming business leaders and entrepreneurs.

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Payoneer Forum session 2018

As a keynote speaker, spoke about digital marketing and POD demand. The event drew around 500 attendees.

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BIPC Networking Day

We had a get-together there and passed a great time.

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Print-On-Demand (Mastermind) Session

During this session, I gave advice to 50+ members of Gearlaunch merchants on POD design ideas and selling strategies.

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As an expert I showed them how IG marketing strategy works on POD and how they can increase selling through IG.

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Digital Marketing Workshop by PONDIT Institute

This workshops goal was to make them creative, improve their skills, and explore a variety of career choices with POD.

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Session on Starting Digital Agency From BD

Where I & Nahid Hasan discussed all the concepts, ideas and structure of starting a digital marketing agency in Bangladesh.

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Webinar on “CRYPTO ASSETS”

As a Trade Marketing Analyst, I and Christopher Tahir, Trading Specialist at Exness discuss Crypto real Assets & Ashes.

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Session "ADDA With Experts" by We Make Pro

I attended the session as a keynote speaker provided some live guidelines based on the audiences queries.

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Live Sessions by Uddokta Hoi

Joined as keynote speaker for the topic “How to sell products on Amazon as a beginner.

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Entrepreneur Award - 2020

Best Entrepreneurship Award as a diligent entrepreneur was handed to Me. I am grateful to BDOSN.

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Workshop on F - Commerce Business Planning

I spoke at this forum as a speaker about F-Commerce Business Planning, Strategy, and Management.

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The webinar held for Bangladeshi POD vendors to help them develop their businesses using Facebook marketing.

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Webinar on "IDEA TO START UP"

In this session I gave a talk about Facebook marketing and starting a business.

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Live stream on "SELLING POD AS A MASTER".

Shared my experience in 6 years+ in POD with Filipino & the journey before joining Gearlaunch as the CM for Bangladesh.

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Webinar on "IDEA TO START UP"

With the funds that we have raised, we have been able to help the flood-affected people

Live stream on "SELLING POD AS A MASTER".

Shared my experience in 6 years+ in POD with Filipino & the journey before joining Gearlaunch as the CM for Bangladesh.

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