Best Contest Ideas for Social Media to Promote Your Brand

Social Media Contest

Generating the best contest ideas for social media is a long-term process to grow a brand with loyal and active followers. These followers help to generate lead with a good number of conversions. These followers are earned through social media contests.

Individuals follow these brands hoping to participate in a contest that will grant them a discount, free coupons, or other forms of benefits. These benefits are given to followers in return the brands get free marketing.

Marketers use these social media contests as a method to spread brand awareness and do the promotion of their products and services. Therefore, the followers/audiences promote the business knowingly by expecting something in return. The audiences are one of the most reliable and important individuals to build your brand.

1. The Purpose Behind the

Contest Ideas for Social Media

Every contest has a motive or a purpose behind it. A brand doesn’t launch a contest without any reason. It could be that the brand is trying to promote an existing product or service or it is trying to launch a new product in the market.

What is the endgame of the contest? What do you want to achieve? Do you want to expand your brand awareness through social media, do you want to generate leads for your business? Or do you simply want to gain more followers?

The intention should be clear from the beginning. Therefore, before launching your social media contest, identify your purpose or intention. In order to come up with a solid strategy, the purpose and the end goal is really important.

Social Media Contest-Social Media Contest ideas

2. Know the target audience

A brand with the most dedicated followers will be successful and there is no doubt in that. However, in order to build such dedicated followers, you have to know who your target audience is and what interests them. Facebook is the best social media platform when it comes to user data. Facebook will offer all kinds of data; you only have to know how to properly utilize them. Once you determine or ‘Know” these audiences, you can start offering your promotional deals through the contest.

3. Holding a popular type of contest

Analyze your target audience and then choose the type of contest you want to go with. Choosing the wrong contest could end up ruining the whole campaign. So, always pick carefully which contest will benefit you the most. For example,

  • Video Contests
  • Vote Contests
  • Photo Contests
  • Content Commenting Contests
  • User-Generated Campaigns

4. Get User-Generated Content

It’s quite simple, the followers are the unpaid contributors/fans/consumers/ end-users, etc. Therefore, that makes UGC a form of content that has been created and posted by the followers themselves.

Most users generated content are provided by unpaid contributors are just willing to share their experience with other participants. The marketers don’t need to empty their pockets since the users are in charge of the promotion.

5. Promote your contest

You can promote your giveaway gifts through free marketing or by boosting. By this, you can reach a wider scope audience by which the participation of contestants will increase.  This means more engagement with the content. Brands can exploit Social media contests to connect an ever-increasing number of followers and can create engagement and traffic to the page. It is the most ideal approach to increasing natural preferences offer and impression.

6. Creating fair contest rules and hashtags

The rules and regulations of the contest have to be mentioned in the contest guidelines. The hashtag helps the contest look good and, in many cases, helps to reach audiences. Hashtags are a great way for the audiences to find your brand. This is especially the case for Twitter and Instagram. These two platforms use the hashtags to help the audience what they are looking for as well as help the brand to reach wider audiences.

7. Use the right tools for promotion

If you need to run your promotion and marketing efficiently, you need to consistently utilize appropriate tools to run it. Utilizing challenge programming like Hootsuite or Rafflecopter for social media contests is most likely the most ideal approach to administer it.

use the right tools for promotion-Social Media Contest ideas

8. Charitable Campaigns

Request your followers and supporters to assist and support the brand is doing a fundraiser contest for a social reason. Members who raise the most assets can like the reason and furthermore be compensated with your marked prize pack.

9. Work with Influencers in Your Social Media Contest

In case you’re searching for an approach to attract the attention regarding your brand, have a giveaway with an influencer. Social media Influencers come with a crowd of people from all over the internet prepared to connect with your brand. In this way, it should not shock anyone when influencer promotion made it to the top three most prominent advertising methodologies in recent years.

10. Use Contest Hashtags to Promote Brand Awareness

Hashtags help followers to effectively find content without the issue of looking perpetually. On the off chance that you made a hashtag and you’d like to make it increasingly discoverable; you’ll have to build commitment with it. This implies getting individuals to re-tweet, use them in the post, and snap on your hashtag when via web-based networking media.

11. Determine the Winner

Remain straightforward when explaining the guidelines for your contests, and make the determination procedure clear to your followers as it so happens. For example, on the off chance that you are running a photograph contest, obviously notice in your standards that photos should be significant and exceptional.

In the event that the winner is selected by the number of votes before the finish of the contest, take a screen capture of the successful section with a period stamp. Additionally, reveal how and when you want to report the winner and the components you will remember during the winner selection procedure. You can inform the victor of the contest by email or via social media.


The primary goal of the best contest ideas for social media is beneficial for your brand more than the followers who are getting gifts. The followers are highlighting your brand and whatever you are giving to them.

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